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Dear Pipedrive team,

It would be awesome to be able to let us customize (a minimum) the scheduler.

This request has been made regularly since years :

The improvements asked consist mainly of two things :

  • Let us put our logo on the top left, replacing the one of Pipedrive. I think the Pipedrive logo can even be visible, but in smaller at the bottom of the page.
  • Let us customize the mail sent from the scheduler :
    • Use our email address as the "Sender email address"
    • Display our logo, so the recipient is sure where the mail is coming from.
    • Even better : let us customize the content of the mail (maybe with the same tool as the email marketing campaign ?)
  • Extra Bonus / definitely not mandatory : let us choose a primary color.


Why is it so important?

Looking professional is a big part of the sales process. Even a basic I would say. But for now, I find the Pipedrive scheduler not attractive at all. That's why I prefer to use Calendly / Tidycal and I am sure a lot of us do too regarding the other requests and comments... But it's a shame because, the other solutions are not easily integrated with Pipedrive...

Commercially, I think that it can also be interesting for Pipedrive to spend a bit of resources to develop that module. Because if more people are sharing their scheduler (with their beautiful logo on it), more people will see the "small" Pipedrive logo at the bottom and may have a look at the tool... Instead, for now, with that huge PIPEDRIVE logo, (almost) no one want to share it... :')

Thanks for your consideration :)

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  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Could be really usefull for everyone ! 

  • Will they even answer that request?

    It seems obvious that we will all go for external solutions until then...

    everything is wrong in there, the sender's adress that one can't respond too, the font, the branding... we are not advertising for pipedrive, we are your clients...