Keeping follow up email in the same thread (workflow automation with delay)

Tom R
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I have set up an email sequence with workflow automation, in which an email is sent whenever a deal is created at a certain stage. If the deal is still at this specific stage, I have set a delay function of 2 days. After 2 days a follow-up email will be sent. This process works perfectly fine. 

However, the 2nd email is sent to the contact person as a separate email, while I would like it to be in the same email thread as the initial email. Would that be possible? Please let me know :)


  • Kreete K
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    Hi Tom! 

    Currently, it is not possible to send it in the same thread. However, something for us to keep in mind in the future, thanks! 

  • I would really love if this feature was added! This is how my sequence is supposed to work and I can't do it with Pipedrive.

  • Dapo
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    Very important feature!

  • Mark M
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    Please add an option to do this. It seems like many people are looking for this feature.

  • Please add this feature!!