Keeping follow up email in the same thread (workflow automation with delay)

Tom R
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I have set up an email sequence with workflow automation, in which an email is sent whenever a deal is created at a certain stage. If the deal is still at this specific stage, I have set a delay function of 2 days. After 2 days a follow-up email will be sent. This process works perfectly fine. 

However, the 2nd email is sent to the contact person as a separate email, while I would like it to be in the same email thread as the initial email. Would that be possible? Please let me know :)

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  • Kreete K
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    Hi Tom! 

    Currently, it is not possible to send it in the same thread. However, something for us to keep in mind in the future, thanks! 

  • Jeremy M.
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    I would really love if this feature was added! This is how my sequence is supposed to work and I can't do it with Pipedrive.

  • Dapo
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    Very important feature!

  • Mark M
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    Please add an option to do this. It seems like many people are looking for this feature.

  • Jeremy M.
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    Please add this feature!!

  • doruk
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    Please add this feature!!!!!!

  • Vladimir Ribic
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    Wichtige Funktion! Eine neue Mail im Follow-Up sieht dann leider unprofessionell aus ohne den Bezug zur ersten Mail und wirkt sich negativ auf den Verkaufsprozess und somit den Umsatz aus. Das wäre ein Grund sich nach einer neuen CRM umzuschauen.

    Wird denn schon daran gearbeitet, so dass es eine Lösung in den wenigen Monaten geben wird?

  • julian
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    Need the feature too. Would be interesting to know if you work on it?

  • Noel
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    First time I saw someone ask for this feature was back in 2021... would be great if it could be added soon...

  • Robert Thompson_31341
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    Agreed, need auto-reply to last email. I just checked with Pipedrive support. Response was "Unfortunately, I do not see this feature in our plans at the moment but I will submit additional feedback to our product team stressing the importance of this feature."

  • mjkoza
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    This is a crucial feature, please @Kreete K, add it!

  • colinc75
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    It would be great for this feature to exist