Duplicate / Missing Deals in Insights

Junior Medeiros
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Hello everyone! 

I have an Insight for Conversion of Deals within a specific Funnel with the following filters.


In the table below the graph, I want to check the Deals that are WON but most of the time there are WON deals that don't show up in the table and/or some deals that appear twice, as in the image below:


Is this a known issue? 

I can provide more screenshots if necessary.

Thank you very much!



  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @Junior Medeiros 

    I'm not too sure if there's an issue there, if it's showing duplicated deals (deals that if you open the link take you to the exact same deal) I would suggest you reach out to our customer support so they can check on this further, 

    You can contact support via the in-app chat option or suppor[email protected] and the team will check on this further for you :)