The new Lead feature - converting Deal or contact into a lead

Tomas N
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Can Pipedrive please allow the feature to convert a Deal or Contact directly into a Lead? We may have incorrectly qualified a deal and already recorded multiple conversations against it, or for example a contact and I understand you currently have to:

  • Delete deal or contact and re-enter as lead - losing all information
  • Or have contact and a lead that are not linked

If it was a quick fix it would be extremely useful to be able to convert a Deal or contact to be added to the Lead list and retain all history.

Is this feature possible to add?

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Tomas N , thank you for your feedback and for explaining your use case so clearly!

    I can tell you we're actually working on the option to convert Deals to Leads as we speak, so expect good news in the future. Follow the topic here. 🚀

    Other users have also expressed the same idea in other posts, check them out here and here and maybe you can trade tips and tricks.

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    Hello all,

    I agree with @Tomas N that it would also be helpful to convert Contacts (already in PD) into Leads.

    1) As probably a lot of users have a variety of (old) leads, saved as contacts, in PD, it would in some cases be helpful to re-engage those and convert them into Leads in order to have a clean process structure. 

    2) On another note, having the "Contacts timeline feature" (highlighting when leads were not contacted every month, quarter, bi-annually, etc) would be helpful, ideally combined with a number / indication like ("contacted 4 times in the past", calculated on activities Call, Email, Social Media outreach, etc) opposed to schedule an activity each time. 


  • Jorge Martínez Marbán
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    So valid point