Is Pipedrive running slow for everybody!

Mark Piercey
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Is Pipedrive running slow for everybody!


  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Mark Piercey we haven't gotten any other comments about this in the last minutes/hours. Could you confirm this is happening with others in your team as well. Or is this happening when you try different browsers and/or incognito browsing?
  • Joannes Vermorel
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    Our instance is super slow those dates for everybody. Each HTTP request takes about 10 seconds to complete. It's really driving everybody nuts. Any way to get this solved?

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  • Jorge Flores
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    frustrating slow for the past couple of months!
  • affirmed
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    when typing between fields in a lead, phone number, email, etc it HANGS during the week

    but it was lightening fast on Saturday...

    is the system overloaded during the week?

    we may need to get all our work done on Saturdays if this can't be fixed

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @affirmed , performance issues that last for some time are usually due to a local issue with the computer or network, or could also be an account-specific issue.

    Please try clearing your browser's cache and cookies, checking for updates and restarting the browser if you still need to do so. If the problem persists, just reach out to our support team and they can help troubleshoot for more specific issues.

  • affirmed
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    we have tried that many times. without clearing our cookies the site was lightening fast on saturday

    right now to change the label on a lead is a 5 second freeze.

    we can try it on a brand new computer on a 1 gig per second link hosted at google cloud - still the same speed to work