Hi Everyone - we're Blue Fig Interiors ( www.bluefiginteriors.com ) and we design and construct offi

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Hi Everyone - we're Blue Fig Interiors ( www.bluefiginteriors.com ) and we design and construct office interiors for clients across London and the South East. I asked a question on yesterday's Webinar as to whether approaching clients with an offer to assist with space planning, design and construction services where those organisations may be cutting back on their office space (either from more staff working at home or due to downsizing) was ok? The thinking was that some organisations may take on a more agile working format (which we can assist with) or may need to reduce the size of their offices due to economic factors. Be interested in hearing your comments, thoughts and suggestions......


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    I'm sure those who are able to flex the lease with their landlords will be interested.

    Why don't you speak to some clients and see what they think?

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    Peter - Its a tricky one.  I have the same challenge....but I have been successfully using the 'I know the last thing you want to talk about is....' and find that can break the ice..I am selling sustainable alternatives to single use plastic overshoes for fit out and construction.  Some national customers save £1000's versus the the throwaways.... www.thecleanboot.uk 

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    I would maybe look at this another way. You are assuming people want to come back and cut back. People I have spoken with, and my own thinking is, that we make best use of our time and grow our way out of this when "things get back to normal". Maybe think about ways companies can maximise their current space? How can they grow without the need for a new office? How can they grow and maximise what they have now? How will they manage social distancing while maintaining the ability to grow.
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    Hi Peter The answer is yes it is OK.

    Quite simply it comes down to if you don't ask you definitely won't get.

    I am just being honest in my calling and they appreciate when I say that it's awkward but that where we can we have to keep the wheels of business turning.

    Personally I would avoid words like cutting back, downsizing as they have negative associations. I'd feel comfortable with phrases you've used like agility but also cost efficiency.

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    Hi Peter

    I'm open to any and all conversations with people who are thinking a little differently, are sympathetic of the situation and genuinely want to help first, rather than sell first.

    I have to be honest for me though - I have a space that needs better design planning and needs partitioning, but right now, I've no interest in discussing my office space - my money and my efforts are on staff working from home.  My feeling is for you is that the moment the government start relaxing our outdoor movements and can think about what "return to work" looks like, you'll have a more receptive audience.