Our 3 person company is new to Pipedrive. We're looking to forward our landline business phone numbe

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Our 3 person company is new to Pipedrive. We're looking to forward our landline business phone number to a VOIP number where we can forward calls to whoever "has the phones". Would like to have something that would work with Pipedrive as well as a bonus. Any recommendations? AirCall Cloudtalk.io ? Other ideas? We're really just looking for mobile forwarding and incoming calls. Thanks!


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    Brad, you`ll can to look apps in marketplace

    1) Choose service

    2) Connect to Pipedrive

    3) Buy phone number in service

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    Hi Brad,

    CircleLoop looks a good fit for your requirements. We integrate with Pipedrive so CircleLoop calls are logged against your Pipedrive contacts, and your contacts are synced down into your CircleLoop address book. We can provide a new VOIP number instantly and calls to that number can be answered with the CircleLoop apps, or forwarded to another number entirely (ie your teams mobile numbers). We also have a free trial so you can test out all the functionality, including the Pipedrive integration, without commitment: http://circleloop.com/pipedrive

    Let me know if there's anything else we can help with!

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    Hi Brad! 

    I'm not sure if you already found a service, but I think there's no point of double forward in your case. 

    With Channels you can simply use our mobile application, so a person who should be on duty, will simply log in to the app, without the need of changing the forward number. Of course, we also have the forward feature if someone would be using a landline number. 

    We've recently released our integration with Pipedrive that works both ways - pulls data from Pipedrive and display contact details during a call and pushes data to Pipedrive once the call has ended. We also have a Chrome Extension that highlights phone numbers on the web page you are on so you'll be able to simply Click to Call from Pipedrive. 

    Feel free to test us out, we have a 7 days free trial where you'll be able to check if it fits your needs.