I think it would be much more clear and clean at a first glance if we had labels right on the deal i

ISA AYDIN Posts: 12
I think it would be much more clear and clean at a first glance if we had labels right on the deal in pipeline view. I know we have that thin line but it's confusing when you have a lot of deals. Companies who have several pipelines with hundreds of deals run into issues. It would be also helpful to have more colors for labels in deals and contacts. Please upvote if you think the same way. Thanks!
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    ISA AYDIN Posts: 12
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    @Lucas Xavier this one was very helpful thanks. But again as I mentioned in the post, I know that there is a label for marking deals but it would be helpful to see them right in the middle of the deals instead of just a thin line. When you have a limited amount of colors for labels, relying on those colors doesn't really help.
  • Hossein Mohsenian_3938
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    Hi Isa, in fact I would suggest to have a pipeline for leads and once they are matured enough to become a deal, we then move a lead from pipeline L to a deal in pipeline D. @Mike van der Valk one extra request would be to be able to move items across pipelines.
  • Eden Brownlee
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    yes i agree this would be great!
  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks @ISA AYDIN for sharing this feedback! Our design team has chosen for the minimalistic approach to not clutter the pipeline but I'll definitely share your thoughts. We're working on the leads section of Pipedrive and there you can see the labels better on your leads before you convert them to a deal as well.

    @Hossein Mohsenian it's possible to drag your deals to another Pipeline, or is this not what you meant?? Once you start dragging it pops up on the bottom right whenever you have multiple pipelines.
  • Rodrigo Rojas
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    You don't need this for 2 reasons:

    1.- You don't want to have a over populated data in a view which it is already with a lot of info.
    2.- You can do it exactly this way using labels!!!! And even automate how the labels are created or updated!! Take a look over this.

    In case you need to more clarification, you can contact me, but as I said, you don't need this because it is already there!!!
  • Jay Wealcatch
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    @ISA AYDIN I wonder if a filter would help. I created filters called "hot deals only" and "medium and hot deals" (you can also try "not small deals" etc.).

    For me the big thing with labels is when I quickly want to find the most important things that need focus (80/20 rule).

    Let me know if you have thoughts on this.
    ISA AYDIN Posts: 12
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    @Hossein Mohsenian that's exactly how we have set up pipelines. But I see growing requests for this feature from my clients that we have implemented Pipedrive.
    ISA AYDIN Posts: 12
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    @Rodrigo Rojas I am not saying it's not possible to live without this feature. In fact, we are labeling all our contacts and deals with appropriate labels. What I am saying is that it would be much more clean and convenient. At least 3 of my customers where we implemented Pipedrive are asking for this feature from me. Yes, they are marking their leads, yes they do have filters a and yes they have separate pipelines where they move leads once they mature. But I agree with them as well that it would be much more convenient and I don't think that it would be overpopulated. It's just one label in the middle of free space. Thanks for your opinion anyway.
  • Hossein Mohsenian_3938
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    Thanks a lot for sharing @ISA AYDIN
  • John Stapleton
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    Color-code the deal border or background. Would not add clutter but would differentiate.
  • Nick_15970
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    You can show deal labels / color code deals in the pipeline summary view with a browser extension called PixieBrix. It's in Beta but email [email protected] for access.
  • Tushar Bhole
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    Ability to label the deal should also be included as part of the Pipeline View