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Welcome to the Sales Community by Pipedrive!

CRM Requirments

Hi community wanted to see if I could get some help in the following requirments our business has when it comes to a CRM. We are evaluation other options too (SFDC, Superoffice, Hubspot). I personally prefer Pipedrive but wanted to see if anyone had advice on the stuff below:

  • Tracking customer documents in the same place. Offers, quotes and signed documents?
  • Chat support webforms? Is anyone using the built in drifter?
  • Ticketing system - customer support? Any tools to recommend, SupportBee, Fresh Desk or Jira?
  • Invoicing - seeing which customers have paid etc? Moving the deal stage automatically? We have... (More)

Integration von Xentral möglich!?

Hi, weiß jemand, ob man Xentral im Pipedrive integrieren kann? 


Is it possible to attach a picture to a product such as I can add it to a proposal ?

I am trying to generate a nice looking proposal based on a list of products (and deal) and I need to include the products' pictures in the proposal. 
I was thinking of generating a proposal in Pandadoc but I need to add a picture of the product in Pipedrive. Any ideas of how I can do that ? 

Other suggestions ? 

Thanks a lot