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Dear PD Community:

What is the best way to get detailed analytics for:

  1. How many sales emails sent in a period of time?
  2. How many open. how many clicked?
  3. How can I see how many times a contact was emailed?
  4. Response rates?



⏰ Event: 2021 Benchmarks: How do you measure support quality? | April 28th, 2021

This webinar will show you:

  • Customer support quality benchmarks for your customer support organization
  • Best practices to improve your customer support quality
  • Advice and practical tips from support leaders
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At a time when your customer-facing interactions are more impactful than ever, it’s not good enough to provide “good enough” support; you need to provide high-quality experiences, every time.

What does “quality support” actually look like? Intercom surveyed hundreds of CX professionals, team leads, managers and execs to find out how they measure and improve support quality, and created the first Customer Support Quality Benchmark report... (More)

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