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Tag @Ashutosh Cheulkarfor any questions you have.

Getting new deal notifications from Pipedrive Forms through

Hi everyone! 

I've set up to sent notifications to my Discord server for every single event. This is working great for deals that are created manually, but for some reason, deals created by forms are not pushed.

To solve this, I added a new bot that only works with 'new deals', and that's working fine.

I think the fix for pipedrive should be to create 'event' objects for new form deals. 

Thanks for reading!

Need Help - PipeDrive to Google Forms to

Pipedrive is very weird in the things it lets you do and not do.  I'm sure there is a method to the madness that I haven't learned it yet, but some of these limitations seem elementary.  This may be a simple question.....we'll see:

There is an "ID" tied to my deals that shows when I turn on the filter option for it.  But I cannot get this "ID" field to show anywhere on the deal itself or show as one of the options when creating a workflow.  It is a system field so I can't modify it in any way.

My plan is when a project hits a certain "status", it emails a template that contains a link to a Google Form to upload documents and input info.  That form then gets sent back into Pipedrive through to update the deal info.  The issue is, I need this deal ID to do that. It will not show as a selection in workflows, email templates or anywhere other than the filter view.  Any suggestions?

connect Shopify with pipedrive

Hi Good afternoon,  


I was wondering if you guys could help me in the right direction. I'm trying to connect Shopify with Pipedrive. Now every time a new customer comes to my shopify website I have to put their data in Pipedrive by hand.  

I was wondering if you guys knew any programs that could help me with that. I've tried Zapier so far but I didn't give us the desired result. I think the problem is that de costumers fill in their information and it ends up by "Note" It's not categorized by address or company name, this way it will end up in Pipedrive all twisted up.  

I hope that you guys are able to help!

Best Regards customers  



Leandro de la Torriente
Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Todoist Integration

Anyone working on a Todoist integration directly with Pipedrive?  It's been my task manager of choice for the last 6 years.  I've tried Asana recently but it didn't fit my needs.   I'd like it to Todoist to be able to mirror and sync with Pipedrive so I can complete a task in either app.  I know it'll be difficult to get Todoist to create a next action task for the deal, but I'm OK if that doesn't happen at all or right away.  I need a unified list to look at all my tasks.