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Discussion on Autopilot, a visual marketing automation software.

Update Deal Label from Autopilot.

How can I update the label of a deal from autopilot. I can update other fields from the 'Update Deal Fields' action, but I do not see the option for label.

Hi everyone,

We're releasing a beta of our Pipedrive integration for Autopilot tomorrow but I thought I would make it available here first. It adds pretty powerful marketing automation capabilities and a two-way-sync of contacts. You can do things like when someone fills in a Typeform, send your team a message on slack, create a new deal and schedule an activity. For teams with many sales people it also adds the ability to round robin lead assignment.

You can get early access now by signing up for a free account: You can also use coupon "ilovepipedrive" for a 35% discount if... (More)