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Best Practices
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Viral email campaigns in the social media era

To stay competitive with social media platforms, businesses leveraging email marketing use various email types, each with a different purpose. These include newsletter emails, lead nurturing emails, promotional emails, milestone emails, survey emails and viral emails.


In fact, 64% of businesses worldwide interact with their audience through email campaigns, a marketing strategy offering a return on investment (ROI) of $36.


In this article, we discuss viral email marketing and examine how viral emails effectively grow a business’s network in the social media era.

Nonprofits and pipedrive

Does anyone here use pipedrive for their nonprofit tracking of sales/gift proposals? We switched from Raiser's Edge to pipedrive to track all our deals, but currently flying by the seat of our pants. Looking for some best practices and advice. 



19 small business email marketing tips for successful campaigns

Email marketing is one of the best methods small businesses can use to connect with large audiences in a personalized way, enabling them to build long-lasting relationships and convert people into loyal customers.


Click here to learn our top email marketing tips for small businesses that will help you create successful email marketing campaigns, send effective emails that boost conversion rates and improve customer retention