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Best Practices
Best Practices
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Enterprise Sales: Staying focused on the close over long sales cycles

Going up-market, hunting for the large prestigious logos, and landing this huge contract

More best practices for enterprise sales on Pipedrive: Get the Whitepaper

Three tactics to help you stay focused over a long sales cycle:

  • 🗺 Build a plan from your target (the close e.g. “x signs y”) backward: what sequence of actions need to happen to lead to that point.
  • ❓As you progress, come back and review your plan frequently: which assumptions were valid, which did prove wrong? Which circumstance changed since the last time you visited your plan?
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑“if you want to go far, go together” for eyes see more than two, so review your plan with your team or your manager whenever possible.

Three Pipedrive Best Practices to excel:

Use the deal activities thread to create an action plan with all the information required for at least the next 3 critical steps.
 When reviewing your action plan with your colleagues use the mentions function in notes to share feedback.
On the vizrm org-chart you can easily see over-due tasks marked in red.

CRM Social: ferramenta imprescindível para entender o cliente na era digital

Imagem por Pixabay
Imagem por Pixabay

Neste artigo para a Canaltech, o Vice Presidente de vendas da Pipedrive Jens Oberbeck fala da importância e significado do CRM social:

As interações nas mídias sociais moldaram um novo perfil de consumidor: o cliente social. Ele compartilha mais impressões sobre os produtos e as marcas e é também mais crítico em suas escolhas. O consumo deixa de ser um ato individual e passa a ser coletivo, com as opiniões dos outros usuários entrando como um fator importante na decisão de compra.

O CRM social aproveita essas informações públicas nas redes sociais para captar uma visão completa dos perfis por trás de postagens, comentários e curtidas, conseguindo extrair menções e sentimentos sobre determinado tema.

2022: Future of Work Predictions 🔮

Image source: Ales Nesetril
Image source: Ales Nesetril

Peter Harris, COO of Pipedrive, is one of many industry experts who shared their predictions with Bdaily News regarding what digital work will look like in 2022.

In 2022, we anticipate that this major acceleration in digital transformation and increase in automation will continue. Reducing manual tasks through effective business tools will afford businesses more time for offline relationships, building trust, making connections with people and working towards a completely customer-first approach. It’s never been so important for businesses to have deep relationships with their customers to react quickly and accurately to their ever changing needs.

Successful businesses, in 2022, will not only adopt automation and digitalisation, but they will also ensure that its implementation is a well-planned, structured process that is supported by the entire management body. Businesses that do so will capture new demand levels even as competition continues to increase.

Should you change due dates of activities/tasks in a CRM?

Wrote about a burning topic and took an apparently less popular stand: