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Best Practices
Best Practices
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Are your cold emails are getting caught as spam? Here is a solution!

The most common reason for your emails getting marked spam is this -

When people to whom you are sending these emails, mark your email as spam

You are a tea seller who is doing cold email outreach, you reach out to everyone in your city where a group of passionate tea haters also live. Once this email reaches out to them, they start marking your email as spam. This is what happens when a salesperson adopts the spray and pray method when they use email outreach.

Always send your emails to your target audience only, to avoid this scenario.... (More)

Understanding leads

Hi all, newbie here, using Essential plan.

I think the leads section is a good idea. It helps you keep your pipeline clean and manageable. Having said that, I'm having some difficulties trying to work with PD's leads implementation:

  • It's very important for us to understand why some leads don't turn into deals, but there's no way to create reports on leads in PD. I need to know how many leads do not progress because it's not the right time, or because they are not our target customer, etc.
  • Leads list can get really big. It looks like custom filters... (More)

🧠 Sales Pipeline Course: Chapter 1 - Understand the Numbers Game

Welcome to the beginning of our Sales Pipeline Course!

In this first short video, Pipedrive Co-founder Timo Rein helps you understand what a sales pipeline is and how it can help you grow your sales. Depending on your industry, these stages may be different but the principle is the same. 

Use this course to start building a powerful sales pipeline today. You can also download our Sales Pipeline Course ebook here.


📆 Stay tuned for the following chapter next Monday!

Hello Pipedrivers! Question about the use of CRM software for B2B companies

I am writing a report about how CRM softwares can enhance the performance/efficicency of B2B companies and about why a CRM software is useful especially for companies in the B2B Market. Does anyone have any information about this? Any comments, your own experience or links to access articles/data about this topic would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much!