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Découvrez Let's Do It World, l'ONG qui fait le ménage sur la planète

Depuis 2011, le mouvement Let's Do It a mobilisé plus de 70 millions de personnes dans le monde entier pour participer à des nettoyages environnementaux et s'attaquer à la crise mondiale de gestion des déchets.

Afin de gérer toutes les communications entre l'ONG, les représentants des pays participants et les volontaires, Let's Do It World utilise Pipedrive, en le couplant notamment à Mailchimp. 

L'ONG minimise donc le temps consacré aux tâches administratives répétitives et au recours à plusieurs logiciels, pour se concentrer uniquement sur la réalisation de changements positifs !

Pour lire l'article en entier, c'est par ici. 

Smart Docs add-on: close deals faster with our document management tool

Want to take your document process to the next level?

Essential and Advanced plan users can now add Smart Docs to their Pipedrive subscription and streamline how they manage their documents.

Smart Docs helps centralize the document process for your team, and as it’s part of the Pipedrive ecosystem, you can make the most of a host of time-saving auto-fill options.

Here are just some of the features you get with Smart Docs:

  • Auto-fill documents with Pipedrive data
  • Share documents and templates with your team
  • Track documents in real-time
  • Sign documents electronically
  • PDF format support
  • Google Sheets and Google Slides support

Want to find out more? Head over to our Smart Docs add-on blog for all the details.

Planning on switching email providers in 2022? Here’s our quick guide...

Moving to a new email client can solve many problems for your business, like upgrading security and unifying tools in your tech stack.

However, the larger and more complex your organization, the more components to consider in the move.

Here are the key questions to ask before migrating your email:

  • Does your current provider explain what to do?

Check to see if your existing email client already has a migration process for you to follow.

  • Does your new provider handle migrations?

Your new email client might handle the migration process for you.

  • Which plan will you need?

Providers often offer different plans with various features. It’s worth weighing up the pros and cons of different email clients’ plans to find the one that suits your needs (and budget) the best.

  • How much data do you need to move?

Before moving your entire system over to a new client, see if there’s an opportunity to archive some of it elsewhere. This way, it doesn’t take up so much room in the new system.

  • How much time will you need to perform the email migration?

Email migrations will take some time to prepare for but should be quick when you’re ready to make a move (though this will depend on the size of your migration).

  • What happens to emails sent during the transition?

Any emails received during the transition will still be received. Check with your existing and new providers about situations like Out of Office messages. For example, if you have... (More)

Happy New Year emails: 8 templates for your New Year email campaign 🎉

The beginning of the New Year marks a time when consumers are focused on starting new projects, implementing change and planning out the year ahead. Take advantage of this fresh start by sending out targeted “Happy New Year“ emails that tap into your audience‘s current needs and aspirations.


In this article, we‘ll share eight “Happy New Year“ email templates to help you re-engage with your target audience, boost sales and start the new year off right.