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Octavio Yoshio Hozawa
Executivo de Vendas do Mercado Livre

PIX, Pagamento Instantâneo: Como funciona?

Which sales pipeline metrics should you monitor to grow your sales?

Key sales metrics are fundamental in helping navigate sales through your pipeline in a clear and measurable way. Without these metrics, your sales team is less likely to meet their sales goals. They’re also important for effective sales team meetings and training.

Fundamental metrics include:

  • Number of deals. Knowing how many qualified opportunities are in your pipeline at any time.
  • Value of deals. Adding up the total value of all the deals in your pipeline gives you insight into your potential revenue.
  • Deal size. Dividing the total value of your deals by the number of deals... (More)

What does a Customer Success Manager do and why should you hire one?

A business can benefit from a Customer Success Manager in several ways:

- Expanding revenue
- Preserving revenue
- New sources of revenue
- Research and development

In fact, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by between 25% and 95%.

“In the oversaturated SaaS market, where it is inexpensive to create and maintain a product and customers enter at a low cost of entry for only a month-at-a-time commitment, the Customer Success Manager dictates whether every dollar stays and grows or leaves and dies,” explains Jeff Heckler, Customer Success Team Lead at Pipedrive.

If your... (More)

Value Chain Analysis: Cutting Costs or Increasing Value Perception?

Conducting a value chain analysis is one of the most powerful processes a business can undertake. You can evaluate primary and secondary business functions and identify ways to improve efficiency, increase value and stand out from the crowd.

According to Michael Porter, companies can increase their profits by using value chain analysis in two different ways:

  1. Cost leadership: Cutting production costs and streamlining processes to increase profitability
  2. Competitive differentiation: Increasing perceived value by offering a unique or highly valued service

Regardless of how you choose to use value chain analysis, the logic behind each method remains the same: the more... (More)