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Welcome to the Sales Community by Pipedrive!

Try the Customizable Whatsapp to PipeDrive integration

Hi people!

Several months ago, I made a post about the WA<>Pipedrive integration that my team and I were working on. With help of the members of this community, we developed an integration that allows for flexible customizations - as simple as setting up a rule on Zapier.

I invite you to try it out:

If you're interested to see how it works live, please join me for a demo. Based on your feedback, we will add new options and features.

For example, right now you can set up the integration to automatically sync Whatsapp communication with your prospects... (More)

Setting an alternate reply to address for emails sent from Pipedrive

Use case is:

  • customer receives an email created in Pipedrive and sent with Gmail synch
  • the 'reply to' address is set to a different address than the email sender address (the address that is synched with Pipedrive)
  • this will enable all replies to be sent to one address that is delivered direct to a Sales Team in Intercom and avoid having to have the whole team's email addresses all delivering into Intercom separately
  • It would also be helpful for specific campaigns to have a different reply to address
  • this can be achieved by mirroring the settings in Gmail where a... (More)

Wewnątrz firmowy chat

Dzień dobry grupo :)


Mam takie pytanie. Czy jest jakiś sposób na stworzenie wewnętrznego czata, gdzie można by prowadzić wewnętrzną rozmowę w danej szansie sprzedaży z pracownikami? Próbowałem za pomocą natek, ale mało to przejrzyste i brakuje powiadomoiem, do odczytania wiadomości. Testowałem połączenie ze slack, ale to raczej nie to. 

Chat bot & Live Chat tips needed!

We have recently introduced the Chat Bot > Live Chat feature onto our platform as a way to boost lead generation and to gather CSAT feedback.

However, we are keen to 'see it in action' or have some examples before we settle on the flow we use, message types, waiting times etc. 

Is there anyone here that would be willing to share that you use the Chat Bot / Live Chat feature so that I can visit your website/platform for research? Happy to post a review or recommendation to compensate.

Thanks so much!