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Please give visibility permissions to livechats

Please give your livechat conversations the same options as everything else when it comes to. "vislibility". I am specifically referring to when a sales agent takes ownership of a chat, as the admin/supervisor I need to see it and/or jump in if necessary.

Mark Gatty Saunt
Co-Founder & Director of Content Sales & Licensing

Live Chat Best Practices & Deployment

This is one for anyone with knowledge and know-how of Pipedrive’s Chatbot and Live Chat features.

We’ve very recently subscribed to the LeadBooster add-on, created and Playbook and deployed the Chatbot on our DISCO website.

We are also keen to utilise Pipedrive’s ‘Live Chat’ feature, to give real-time help to people on our website.

We understand that you can add a new Live Chat card within the Playbook Editor, to take over any conversation from your chatbot and reply yourself or assign to coworkers.

My question is about where is the best place to add the Live Chat card... (More)

David Spear
SVP Sales & Sales Strategy

Pipedrive Administrator has No Visibility of Agents which are Active, to Take Live Chats

As admin for Pipedrive I have no visibility of who is set as Active On-Line, to be available to take live chat conversations.  This is a very critical mgmnt tool , which is needed quickly!

Thanks, Dave

Hi @John Freitas7 

Currently the conversations can be only closed to “get them out of the way”, but there is no possibility to delete them. I've forwarded this request to our team though.
If it helps, you can defined a person name with something like TEST , which is also used as name of conversation, to clearly define that it was a test.