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CallLogs Endpoint - Anyone Using It??

I think it's newer but, I'm curious if any of the marketplace apps are actually using the CallLogs "Add a call log" endpoint yet? I know previously most were just logging a SMS or Call activity but, I haven't tested in a while.

Any thoughts are appreciated! 

New: Caller one-click button (gradual rollout) 📞 ☎️


The new Caller button saves you clicks and time: just one click to make a call.

For whom?

Professional and Enterprise plan (gradual rollout until end of April).

How can I use it?

  • Start from Detail view or List view.
  • Initiate a call by clicking the phone number or the 📞 icon: the call starts immediately via your default calling integration.
  • Change your calling method by clicking on the 🔽 icon.
  • Works both with Pipedrive's native calling system and third-party phone integrations.

Where can I learn more?

�... (More)

Good App for Outbound Calling?

I'm looking for a good caller app! 

We are using Pipedrive to make calls to prospects and it would be nice to get some data on those calls aswell, and maybe some more features around call logging and connecting inbound calls to the right Deal, etc.

I still want to use the hardphone and we have a software that connects to that (NCTI), so it should be able to connect with that, too.

Currently we just use NCTI to dial on the hardphone by clicking on the number in Pipedrive, but there is no further integration.

Any tips??