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Community Tips & Settings
Community Tips & Settings

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Chrome profiles log in problem

Why can't I login pipedrive from my another Chrome profile? It just does not recodnise right email and password which I use successfully with my first Chrome profile. Also Edge lets me in without any problem.

Color-coded Deal Tiles

Would like to see a feature, whereby if I'm looking at a pipeline I can assign different colors to deals based on... time? type? etc.

I know it's possible as "rotting" deals already have a red hue, but would be useful to me to be able to further categorize some deals.  A different pipeline is "doable" but wouldn't be as handy at a glance.



Just be bloody careful! .. lol

We have several automations that send out emails when deals reach specific stages in more than one of our pipelines. ... And it happens occasionally that we accidentally drag a deal into one of these 'hot' stages by mistake. ... we usually just send out a quick apology email telling them to disregard what was just sent via the automation.

It would be useful to have have a time based trigger and ability to see what is 'queued' .. then if the automation sends all triggered emails after say 5pm .. it would be... (More)

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