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Community Tips & Settings
Community Tips & Settings

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Wildcards in Filter Criteria

Is there a way to use wildcards in the search criteria?  For example, People First Name Contains "*ob" to return all variations of Rob, Bob, etc.

If this doesn't exist currently, is it on the roadmap or can we request it as a feature?


Recently, we started using the chat function on our website. I like the interface and flow overall, however, I have a hard time getting notified of inbound chats. The notification system as designed will pop a browser notification once you have it set up, but it's an all or nothing. So if I am working on my database and literally touching hundreds (sometimes up to a 1000) contacts and get a notification every time the contact is updated, that means that a chat notification can go unnoticed. You get notifications of things like unread emails in your menu bar (or... (More)

🚀 Community Tip: update your profile to advertise your business and connect with others 🚀

Optimize your member profile for success. Let other members know what you're all about every time you post, facilitating knowledge sharing and business connections.

Go to upper right corner > click your photo/initials > Edit Profile:

  • “About You” tab:
    • Photo: put a face to the name, upload a picture of you or your company logo. Minimum size: 200 x 200 pixels.
    • Title: what’s your job role? It will be visible when you post.
    • About You: let other community know a little about you as a person, details about your work experience, or your company’s values and mission statement. Two good... (More)

Following due dates before today

Hi !

I'd love to watch my team productivity and make sure they're not overcharged.

So in the stats section I would like to follow "How many activities are late by how much ?" like if all late activities are from last week, it's ok but if it's from 3 month there is a problem.

It seems you can't filter "activities due date" " is before" a date. Only "activities due date" "is" X

I also tried filter on "Offers" "next activity date" but the only filter available is "is" and range time. I would like to have "is before"... (More)