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bonjour, je suis nouvel utilisateur de Pipedrive.

Je suis agent Co indépendant et travail ainsi pour plusieurs société différente avec des adresses mail propre à chacune d'elle.

Je sais que je ne peux pas synchroniser plusieurs boite mail dans pipe drive pour rapatrier les mail et même pour envoyé les mails et ainsi choisir l'adresse avec laquelle envoyé ces courriels.

Il y a la solution d'outlook avec l'adresse mail inteligente CCI, mais je n'arrive pas à rapatrier  ces mails envoyer à mes clients en utilisant l'adresse CCI.

Auriez vous une solution.


Bien à vous. Mickael

Amit SardaPipedrive Expert | Community Driver
If I helped, you can buy me a coffee:

It depends on how you manage the account relationships in your company. If there is always one person managing a relationship and any deals with one particular organization, and if one person doesn't want to pursue it, it should be given to the person who is keen to take over that relationship. The first person has to give up any interests in the said organization though.


I don't know if the Pipedrive team has already put the Dark Mode feature on, it has been two years since this query has been raised, and I don't see any option on Pipedrive. Please add a night mode or dark mode option, it would be great especially for those who are sensitive to light."LIKE" 👍 if you want the dark mode option as well...

But as for me, I have figured out how to turn my Pipedrive to night mode. See below pictures.



PS. If you want to know more about how to do this just message me <3