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Welcome to the Sales Community by Pipedrive!

Beta Test - Zoom Meetings Integration

Hello! Arseniy from Pipedrive is here!

I'm happy to announce the beta testing of Pipedrive and Zoom Integration.

What is available at the moment?

  • Scheduling Zoom meetings from Pipedrive linked to deals/contacts
  • Joining Zoom meeting with relevant deal context

What should I do to join beta testing?

Contact Sync

Having trouble syncing my contacts from outlook.  Can someone help? 

Calendar Sync not available

Hi, I'm trying to setup Calendar Sync, however I can only see an option for Google Calendar:

Can anyone advise why this may be?




Is an Outlook Add-in / Plug-in coming?

Is there anything in the works to have an Outlook Add-in?

I saw you recently announced a Gmail version, and it looks great, but my company lives in Outlook!!!