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Outlook Calendar Synchronization (Problem with time zones)

Hello everybody,

we have a problem with the calendar synchronization with Outlook. Appointments that are entered via Pipedrive are displayed correctly in the main calendar view in Outlook. In the detail view, however, the appointment is shown two hours earlier. This problem is probably related to the transfer of the time zone, because in the detail view in Outlook the appointment is displayed with the time zone UTC even though the time zone is UTC +1. The Pipedrive Support cannot help here at the moment, does anyone have a solution for the problem?

Pipedrive - Outlook Contact Sync Issue

Does anyone else have issues with Pipedrive staying in sync with Microsoft Outlook Contacts, via 2-way sync? I've tried to work with Pipedrive on this multiple times and yet the issues persist and I have to resync my entire contact list. Is anyone aware of other options that might work?

Titel in Kalender-Synchronisierung einstellen (und automaisch befüllen lassen)

Hallo liebe Pipedrive-Freunde,
man konnte die Aktivitäten in PD so einstellen, dass im google Kalender zum Beispiel so aussah:

Name Aktivität > Name des Kontakts > Name des Deals

Nun finde ich das aber nicht mehr und pd macht das auch nicht mehr. Gebe ich "Ist der Vertrag da?" als Aktivität in pd ein, fehlen im google Kalender alle Infos (wie Name und Deal). Wer kann helfen und hat den Hack? :)

Daaaanke und lieben Ostergruß, DIRK

Outlook Calendar Syncing

Hi,  I have set out my teams diaries in outlook with reoccurring slots each week, but they show as grey in PD?  I need them set up so that they can be amended and deals added in pipedrive - can this be done? Thanks