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Adding a "Copy" button for data fields

Pipedrive should add a "copy" button beside the contact/organization fields, so that users could easily copy the content without having to click on the "Edit" icon and then copy the content.

How best to define when a LEAD becomes a DEAL?


I am trying to wrap my head around cold/warm/hot leads and the lead/deal qualification process.

Would a marketing role start working on a warm lead that let's responded to an email campaign... and be responsible only for getting them to a "hot" lead? Or would they also qualify the lead, and ONLY when the lead is hot—and—qualified would it move to stage 1 of the deal pipeline? (Qualified...then contact made...then meeting arranged...)

Thank you for any help you can provide.


How to link pipedrive to website

How do you link Pipedrive to your website to create a chat?

What to do after deal is won?

I'm new to Pipedrive and liking how we can track our sales pipeline. However, it seems like once a deal is won, Pipedrive is useless. Any advice on how to track active customers, MRR, contract renewal dates once a deal is one?