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Duplicates created upon any email sent out of gmail

Hi there! I have new duplicates of contacts already in the system created daily. I believe this happens with any email address that comes into my gmail. So anytime one of my Contacts from Pipedrive sends me an email. 

Any incoming call I have from Cloudtalk also creates a new contact. 

I would like to stop both of these things, please let me know if this is possible! Thank you 


Please give visibility permissions to livechats

Please give your livechat conversations the same options as everything else when it comes to. "vislibility". I am specifically referring to when a sales agent takes ownership of a chat, as the admin/supervisor I need to see it and/or jump in if necessary.


can pipedrive send an email notification with attached documents 

Nirmal G.
Sydney Based Web Developer

Lead source and tracking

I have been tracking the lead sources (both inbound and outbound) in a custom field like SEO, PPC - Gooogle, PPC - Facebook, Referrals, Outreach etc.

I would like to get a bit more detailed report on these sources. For example, for inbound leads - it could be Phone call, Email, Live Chat etc.

It's more like nested sources i.e. SEO lead can call or Email or contact us from Live Chat. But that is not relevant for outbound leads - so having another custom field can be confusing.

How do you recommend to manage these data so we can... (More)