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Hello, I try to clean my pipedrive and i w ould like to remove all my prospects that are not linked to an opportunity. Can you let me know how to do such a filter? chhers

Exporting/cleaning all prospects that are not active

Direct Upload of files to Google Drive:

I need urgently to be able to upload client files directly to Google Drive.  It seems that I have to download the files first and then upload to G-Drive or am I missing something?

I want to activate Zapier to upload from PD to G-D when a deal gets to a certain stage, EG "Completed"

Any thoughts here?




Contact sync to Outlook?

What is the best practices around sync should be shared (better to maintain in PD and sync to outlook? Or other way around?)

Andrew Humphries
Sales & Product Manager

What do you use for tracking KPI's?

Hi team, I am looking for your advice on how you are tracking your sales teams KPI's.

We're in the process of expanding our sales team, which is currently just 4 members, spread across the globe. We are looking for a way to more formally track team members KPI's and ensure we've got our finger on the pulse of sales activities.


We'd love to have a place to see company-wide statistics, but also views for each individual team member to be used during sales meetings. We are deciding whether we can do this in Pipedrive Insights or if we... (More)