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How do you validate your email recipients?

Email validation ensures an address is accurate and can receive mail. 

There are three major reasons that you should validate email addresses:

  1. You guarantee that emails arrive. Hard bounces occur when the email never reaches an email address (usually because it’s invalid). Validate your emails and you’ll have a much higher land rate.
  2. You reduce the chance of spam complaints. Using best practices, your spam complaint rate should be no higher than 0.1% (less than one complaint per 1,000 emails).
  3. You maintain your sender reputation. Sending emails to an unverified list doesn’t just return a high bounce rate. It also affects your sender reputation. Deliverability will drop alongside your reputation. The higher your hard bounce rate and the more your emails end up in the spam folder, the lower your reputation will slip. A validated email list proves to Internet service providers (ISPs) that you’re a reliable sender.

Click here for an in-depth look at five of the best online email lookup tools and some of the ways you can look up emails manually.

Business Development Specialist

Need: Schedule Send for Leads

After some confusion last night, Pipedrive confirmed that as of right now you cannot schedule send an email from a Lead. It appears everywhere else: Mail, Deals, etc. but not Leads. They kicked it to the Developer Team so fingers crossed, sooner than later.

Help With Lists and Mailchimping...!

Hello Pipedrivers,

Although I've been Pipedriving for around 15 months, I know that I'm not using the platform anywhere near it's potential, and wish to change that in 2022.

I'm keen to filter lists and then initiate some email campaigns, but am really struggling to get this together - getting confused on the lists themselves (how to save / copy etc), and emailing via Mail Chimp - does anyone know if Pipedrive have anybody that could walk me through this remotely for a bit of hand holding until I get up and running???

Please let me know your thoughts???

Cheers Rob


Planning on switching email providers in 2022? Here’s our quick guide...

Moving to a new email client can solve many problems for your business, like upgrading security and unifying tools in your tech stack.

However, the larger and more complex your organization, the more components to consider in the move.

Here are the key questions to ask before migrating your email:

  • Does your current provider explain what to do?

Check to see if your existing email client already has a migration process for you to follow.

  • Does your new provider handle migrations?

Your new email client might handle the migration process for you.

  • Which plan will you need?

Providers often offer different plans with various features. It’s worth weighing up the pros and cons of different email clients’ plans to find the one that suits your needs (and budget) the best.

  • How much data do you need to move?

Before moving your entire system over to a new client, see if there’s an opportunity to archive some of it elsewhere. This way, it doesn’t take up so much room in the new system.

  • How much time will you need to perform the email migration?

Email migrations will take some time to prepare for but should be quick when you’re ready to make a move (though this will depend on the size of your migration).

  • What happens to emails sent during the transition?

Any emails received during the transition will still be received. Check with your existing and new providers about situations like Out of Office messages. For example, if you have... (More)