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Email Marketing and Automation Integration

Hello Pipedrive Community. 

I'm looking for an integration for an email to be sent when a deal is marked as won. Are there any third-party platforms this could work with? 

Or is there any word, on when HTML templates would be enabled or available on Pipedrive directly? 

Sending email from different email addresses


I have three separate email addresses linked to my Outlook mailbox and I would like to send marketing and sales emails from different emails. However I cannot figure out how as PD only syncs with the main mailbox and I cannot find a way to sent out emails from the other ones.

Is this really not possible or is there something I've missed?

Thank you for the help! 

Office Assistant

What is the best app to use for bulk email campaigning?

My boss is wanting me to start doing bulk email campaigns and I was wondering what app everyone preferred for this. I currently have my Gmail linked to Pipedrive, should I be using something different?

Email automation tools on top of my Pipedrive Deals

#integrations #emailautomation #askingforadvice

I am searching for an email automation tool that I can directly or indirectly (through e.g. Zapier) integrate with Pipedrive.

Goal is to be able to:

  • set automatic email campaigns with custom triggers
  • use my deals / contacts from Pipedrive to send these email campaign
  • sync these emails back to the deals in Pipedrive

Anyone has experiences with this?

I was recommended Mailchimp but saw that it is not (any more?) part of the marketplace.

I was also recommended Mailigen but their pricing is too high atm.

Thanks in advance for any support!