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(🔴 Live) Formation gratuite Pipedrive ? Idées de sujet

Hey 👋,

Ça vous dit qu'on refasse une petite formation gratuite sur Pipedrive ?
On ferait ça en live sur Twitch 🟣, Mardi prochain à 17h.

Quel sujet vous intéresserait ? Des cas concrets ?

Voici le lien pour se mettre un rappel :
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Bernardo CastanedaPipedrive Employee
Director of Business Development @Latin America

Pipedrive Webinars: How to get MORE replies to your LinkedIn | Feb 22nd


In this webinar best-selling LinkedIn author and world-leading social selling expert Daniel Disney will show you and your sales teams how you can get more of your prospects replying to your LinkedIn messages and InMail's to help create more pipeline, more opportunities and ultimately more sales.

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The webinar will dig deep into:

  1. When the best time is to send LinkedIn messages and InMails
  2. The 1 thing you should do BEFORE sending a message to increase response rates
  3. How to write the perfect LinkedIn sales messages (including examples)
  4. How to follow up effectively if they don't reply
  5. What to avoid when sending LinkedIn messages

Daniel Disney is the best-selling LinkedIn author of "The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide" and "The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message" and is regarded as one of the world's leading experts on LinkedIn, Social Selling and Sales Navigator, helping businesses and sales teams all over the world sell more on social.


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📺 💬 Live Event: Sell More With Email Marketing - Campaigns by Pipedrive | January 26th

⚠️ Warning: Attending this live event may cause an abundance of growth in sales. 😱 
⚠️ Warning: Attending this live event may cause an abundance of growth in sales. 😱 
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Time to get some virtual socialization in! And what better way to do that than join our Live Event on January 26th, 9 am EST / 2 pm GMT / 4 pm EET

I'll be joining the masterminds behind the project themselves @Janis Rozenblats and @Gints Branks where we'll get deeper into Email Marketing and why Campaigns by Pipedrive is going to be game-changer for Pipedrivers who want to bring Sales and Marketing together in harmony.

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Does anyone track events rather than individual ticket sales?

We are keen to track events we are hosting but each ticket is so mall it is not worth creating individual deals for in the pipeline.  However, if we could move an event through and ticketed folk are 'attached' that would be ideal!