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Does anyone track events rather than individual ticket sales?

We are keen to track events we are hosting but each ticket is so mall it is not worth creating individual deals for in the pipeline.  However, if we could move an event through and ticketed folk are 'attached' that would be ideal!  

Need Help -> Tracking Event Participation

I'm looking for a simple solution (ideally, built-in to Pipedrive) to keep track of who is participating in what events our company hosts and/or attends. Any recommendations? 

Here's one idea/concept we're exploring:

  1. Create a separate "Events Tracking" pipeline for tracking all events, with appropriate stage names that reflect our event management process. (Inviting, Attending, Following Up, etc.)
  2. Create one deal for each event in the "Events Tracking" pipeline.
  3. Associate each contact to that Event Tracking deal, MAYBE by using a few custom activity codes that reflect the participation level of that contact. (Invited, Attended, etc.)

I'm not positive this is the right/best approach, but don't want to do this in a spreadsheet! Thus, any recommendations or ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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If you are wondering how specific product roles like research, design, and product management work together and separately in their specialized roles to make that happen, then this event is for you. We will go from the uncertainty of moving from a promising strategy to an undefined scope, through finding answers in research data and transforming all of it into a deliverable set of solutions and a plan that everyone can work with. You will hear both from their successes and mistakes, from the tools and techniques they used, as well as from the challenges and advantages of working in a distributed team.

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