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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
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number formatting

When a custom number field is utilized one should be able to format it to show thousand designator comma

currently 111909 looks like this

needs to look like this 111,909


Jeff Farrick
SME Outbound Sales & Sales Support Division Manager

Web Forms - New Deal Notification: Text Wrapping Suggestion

Please ask the developers to "Left-align" the data column in notification emails like these. The text wrapping for longer deal titles is not professional.

Felix Brumme
Partner Business Developer

Net and gross price in products

Hi everyone,

Currently, you can only store the gross price and tax in products. At the end you also get the total tax, but that was all.

We would like to use the products to create contracts or other documents directly. Therefore, the net value is also very important for us. (...and I hope we are not alone with this problem.)

We would like to have the net value of all products linked to the deal in the line, which also serves as a data endpoint, so that it can be used by other tools like GetAccept or something else.... (More)

Felix Brumme
Partner Business Developer

plus & minus for Automations (+/-)

Hi everyone, 

I would like to have the option to calculate with automations. The basic arithmetic operations plus and minus would be enough.  

This is especially useful for dates, numbers and monetary fields.  

So you could create a field with counter that can easily control other automations or  you can create activities whose due date is calculated from another field in the deal.