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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
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Webform attach file

Hi! i think it would be great for web form plugin to be able to attach file. Im running a job board and will use pipedrive to sort my candidate as contact. For now i have to manually attach their resume to the contact but it would be great if i could put a pipedrive webform on my website and automatically create a contact with their pdf attached.


Dear PD Community:

What is the best way to get detailed analytics for:

  1. How many sales emails sent in a period of time?
  2. How many open. how many clicked?
  3. How can I see how many times a contact was emailed?
  4. Response rates?



Product description is limited with text format and this does not look good in proposals

SmartDocs feature enable adding automatically product descriptions to proposals. Currently it is very limited - only pure text, even links are not visible as links. There is strong need to add formatted product descriptions to proposals (links, tables, pictures, etc).  I see here two options: add html/rich text possibility to product description with possibility to import it to generated  proposal, or possibility to include/import product description from file attached to product.

Adding deal owner contact information into proposal document with templates

Sharing of document templates is great feature, but with this there is also need to add sales person contact information in document signature section. Currently I can use deal owner field in template, but there is need to use also deal owner email and phone in template. Also possibility to add deal owner photo is good option.