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Feedback & suggestions
Feedback & suggestions

Join here to offer your suggestions for how Pipedrive can improve. Also provide your feedback on existing features.

Posts on this topic will be seen by our Product team . Our team will take all feedback serious, however, not everything posted here can and will eventually make it into development for various reasons. 

FEATURE WANTED for sales automation: How can I use the note in a Pipedrive workflow? Ex: if a person does open the email ... another app), then send another email.

Wrong Korean translation found

Hi team,

I would like to to report one wrong Korean translation.


(Correct) English: Leads > All > Table > "Title" in 1st column

(Wrong) Korean: 리드 > 전체 > Table > "직위" in 1st column

(Correct) Korean: 리드 > 전체 > Table > "거래명" in 1st column





Geoff Wilkie
General Manager - Client Services

My Insights reports fields keep resetting after I have rearranged them?

Is there a way to have an insights report table have the fields remain in an order after I have reordered them?

I have created reports and when I amend the order of the selected fields in the table view, once I exit and come back they are then reverting to how the originally were.

Is there a way to have them remain in their amended order?