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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
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Product Improvement Suggestion | Brazilian Vendors --> Help us!

Product team!

The pipedrive bills in dollars here in Brazil, which makes your tool very expensive for the reality of many companies, 90% of companies in Brazil are micro and small companies, and they are the ones that employ the most, and the ones that most need management processes to grow and be more competitive.

However a wonderful tool with CRM Pipedrive is not affordable for most companies. Two suggestions for you to help us Brazilians to be better commercial managers with your tool:

1. Ticket in Reais. If you do, you "burst" from selling. They will can in your... (More)

CEO at New/Brands

Pipedrive workflow ? 🚀

Hello Everyone, PipeDrive team ! 👋

I am actually using SmartDoc for my (PO) Purchase Order. We are sending the proposal to our client, if the client accept the proposal. Then we are generating the PO through SmartDoc, very useful !

Actually, I am joining @Konrad Job 's Idea for having a workflow possible in PipeDrive.

Once we are moving to a step, it is generating an automatic document fulfilled by the client's informations. In my case, the client informations + its products list on PipeDrive Offer for generating the PO and being able to send it... (More)

UTM - leadsrouce tracking for webforms.

It would be great if we could track what campaign it came from. But today the Pipedrive forms don't support it and it's in iframe so it cant be tracked from external systems.  It's so important to know what campaigns deliver sales leads.

Pipeline Selection changed to Tabs

In pipeline view, I would like to see the pipeline selection pulldown scrubbed and changed to tabs.  You can still keep an edit/new button but the ability to have each pipeline as a tab would make switching back and forth between pipelines so much more efficient. 


There would seem to be ample screen real estate across that top banner area of the pipeline view to allow for it IMHO.