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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
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when an email is not delivered

When an email is not delivered, the second part of the email is converted from a text to a file. This makes it impossible to see in the Pipedrive email inbox to whom this email was sent. It would be great if the email format remains the same even if an email is not delivered.

--- deutsch ---

Wenn eine E-Mail nicht zugestellt wird, wird der zweite Teil der E-Mail von einem Text in eine Datei umgewandelt. Dadurch kann man im Pipedrive E-Mail Postfach nicht erkennen an wen diese E-Mail geschickt wurde. Toll wäre es, wenn das E-Mail-Format gleich bleibt,... (More)

Subscription values as a Data Field

Hey! I was wondering if it was possible to add a data field to the deal view for subscriptions? 

Mobile App - Handwriting support

It would be so fantastic to be able to take handwritten notes on the ipad.  This was you could have all of your notes in one place.  Handwritting notes with a stylus is much less intrusive than typing on a keyboard in front of a client. Scribble from ipad also isn't what I'm looking for.  More like apple notes or onenote

Offer amended details in the activities section

I use the Pipedrive meeting scheduler for my teleappointer who fills out the appointment to populate my scheduled meetings. However currently as there is no option to book an appointment in the scheduler without an email address he has been putting his own one, this is causing further issues in linking multiple meetings and contracts to his email address. Please can we make this optional as emails arent always available.