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Use general to discuss anything non-specific to the other topics.
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Enjoy life.

🧠 Have you seen the Pipedrive Academy yet?

If you didn't know - now you do. The Pipedrive Academy is where you can see all of our video content in one place without any distractions.

You can learn all the basics of Pipedrive plus access a lot more How-To content and webinars

So if you enjoy a video-focused approach to learning, check it out and stay tuned for upcoming courses. 🔔 Follow Pipedrive Academy to get notified about new content. 

Thursday Topics: Remote Work 🏠

Hello Community!

Today we inaugurate a new section called "Thursday Topics", where we bring into light some topics we cover here that you may not be aware of. They might be just what you needed and was right under your nose.

And what more current topic to start with than Remote Work - if you weren't doing it before you probably are now, so follow this topic to share and look for tips or just vent your pains. You can and should also tag it in related posts you make, of course!

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Research: Never used Pipedrive? Great! Help us improve our onboarding. 🎯

Earn a 100$ Amazon voucher by helping us with a research study

We’re looking for Sales and Marketing people who have never used Pipedrive and are part of a team of 11+ people. The sessions will be as follow:

⏰ 45 mins via Zoom
⚠️ Only participants that have never used Pipedrive
🚻 Sales & Marketing people but also Admins and Operations (excluding trainees and assistants)

Book a time here until January 29th.

We would really appreciate your help to improve our experience! 🤩

New: eSignatures available in Professional trial accounts ✍️

In addition to paying customers in the Professional and Enterprise plans, now eSignatures is available for accounts in trial with Professional plan selected and valid billing details entered.  So now you can play around with eSignatures before you decide that they really make the difference!

🧠 Learn all about eSignatures and Sales Documents:

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