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Delete import after 48 hours

how can i delete an import after 48 hours?

we're new here on Pipedrive 


How do I create multiple new deal for a list, at once, instead of doing it one by one?

Hi... I uploaded data of 100 companies... i want to place all them at the begining of th pipeline, a new deal, so, it's easoer to visualize. Is there a way of adding all them at once, or do i have to it one by one?

Thank you

Merging two spreadsheets within Pipedrive

How to combine an existing database in Pipedrive with new information associated with a lead, through a new spreadsheet.

Hi to all Pipedrivers,

I am quite new to the Pipedrive systems and subsequentially have a few questions on the functionality of data and merging/ linking data within Pipedrive of existing leads.

I have in Pipedrive already existing lead bases who have associated contacts. How can I add new information to my leads viao a data upload? Are those data sets checked with pre-existing ones to avoid duplicates? Can this information be linked within Pipedrive? It would be tedious work to... (More)

Email hygiene in pipedrive


I have set up email synchronisation in pipedrive and I like  the way it allocates emails to accounts.

However, there are also a lot of dross emails that get synched and I find myself spending quite bit of time deleting emails from my pipedrive synch account. Any tip son making this a bit more efficient and elegant? for example, only synching emails from certain addresses, or preventing certain addresses to get synched....