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Getting started

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Did you just join this community, please introduce yourself here and let us know what you do.

As a general rule, the best CRM for you is the one that you and your teams actually use. I'd recommend picking a platform that fits with how you work and has the capabilities you think you need or will need. And then make it work for you.

Most CRMs are veery adaptable and can be configured in several watys. You can also bolt on additional apps through integrations, and it gets complex fast, regardless of platform.

With that proviso, and based on your description, I feel pretty good about Pipedrive for it's ease of use, active support and flexibility... (More)


We operate an engineering company which relies on winning specific metalwork packages for construction projects.

In order to submit our prices to various building companies which are tendering on these projects we need to submit supply and install (sometimes supply only) quotations. 

Submitting quotations at tender stage can be fairly time consuming and we are looking at streamlining the process with pipedrive.

Is anyone here currently doing something similar?

Would love to hear from anyone currently using the platform trying to achieve something similar.

Why did you start using Pipedrive?

Hi PipeDrivers 🚀 

At one point in time, you were all looking for a new tool to help you and your team get organized in your processes. 

We are curious to learn which tools you were considering at that time and why you eventually decided to join Pipedrive?

Pessoal, alguém já importou leads e eles não apareceram no funil?

Pessoal, sou novo aqui! tudo bem como vocês? Estou com uma dificuldade aparentemente simples: Meus leads não estão aparecendo no meu funil, apenas na base de contatos e sem algumas informações da planilha. Faço a importação certinha e aparece como concluída mas nenhum dos leads importados aparecem no meu funil :/

obs: Na primeira vez que fiz uma importação os leads apareceram no funil


Agradeço de verdade quem puder me dar esse help :D