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Need to delete a list of deals accidentally created

I have upload contact data from a spreadsheet and for some reason this created a list of Deals for each of these Contacts which is annoying!

How do I go about deleting these 286 DEALS please?

Charles Douthitt
CoFounder Takeout Central

How do I create a unique URL inside of an email template using deal ID or some other reference?

Hi Pipedrive Community,

I am trying to create a unique URL inside of an email template that contains the deal ID or some other unique ID. From others I have taken the approach of having it start as plain text and when it sends it will become a link. (Although even this workaround may not work in all email clients)

I can not use the field Deal Name or anything else that I see listed as options in the Fields drop down because the link will not work if there are space in the resulting field data.

For example: www.companyname... (More)

Recover Leads delated from Pipeline

If I delete a pipeline do I lose those leads, and is there a way to recover delated contacts?


Send Button Isn't Showing Up in PD Inbox

Hi -- I can't send an email out of the PD inbox currently because the "send" button isn't showing AND there is no way to scroll down to get it show up. Is there a solution to this other than sending the email from the contact record itself?