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Hire Assistance / Jobs
Hire Assistance / Jobs
  • Looking to hire someone to help consult you in sales?
  • Maybe looking for a local reseller or something similar?
  • Are you someone offering your services?
  • Have a job offer that you want to announce?

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Wanted: PipeDrive Expert: Lead Scoring, Workflow Automation

We need someone to help us get our PipeDrive into shape. Someone experienced in PipeDrive who can collaborate with us. You'll take what we require and implement it but also work with us to suggest better ways to do things. After all, you're the expert! :-)

We currently have the need to do these in PipeDrive:

  • Create lead scoring automation from a defined and growing list of scoring metrics
  • Create Activity based on a person's interaction with our various messages, web platform, and other sales and lead gen activities.

We're looking for a reliable PipeDrive developer and partner able to... (More)

Linking paid adds (FB, Google ads, Display ads) TOO pipedrive leads / deals


Our goal is to see how well a certain add channel (FB, Google Ads, Display ads or LinkedIn) converts from lead to closed deal. This way we measure if we get the best kind of clients true our ads.

Are you able to program / setup this flow?

By when? For how much?

We currently know (using Google Analytics / Pipedrive) how many leads are being created in Pipedrive each month and how many of them turn in to deals and how many convert to actual sales.

We don't know how many of these sales came from a certain... (More)

Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

Looking for fixing the webflow for oauth autorisation to submit app to pipedrive marketplace


we have oauth provider and we are trying to solve some scenarious when you install the app from pipedrive marketplace and the app recognises, the integration was already installed. This probably require some java coding (taking some value and inserting it to another place) and we are looking for someone, who is able to help us. Our platform runs in webflow. 



Cargos da área de vendas: quais os principais? 💪 📈

Se você está buscando progredir em sua carreira na área de vendas, pode ser complicado saber exatamente que tipo de cargo em vendas é o próximo degrau a ser conquistado.

Por outro lado, se você é responsável por expandir os esforços de vendas de sua empresa, talvez esteja procurando por diferentes tipos de funções de vendas e pelos profissionais que o ajudarão a fazer isso acontecer.

Neste guia, falamos sobre os 13 principais tipos de cargos e funções de vendas que você pode buscar, esteja você em busca de um trabalho na área ou contratando vendedores. Incluímos informações... (More)