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Hire assistance
Hire assistance

Looking to hire someone to help consult you in sales? Maybe looking for a local reseller or something similar? Or are you someone offering your services?
This is the topic to get connected with the right person.

Steve Cox
Business Development Manager

integrated 2-way SMS for pipedrive NZ

Hi Everyone, I have progressed the idea of having a bespoke SMS (2-way) integrated solution developed for NZ - if I can get a "hands up" on who would commit to sharing the development cost, I'll ask the provider for an estimated  cost, and we can decide from there.. :) 

Integration Pipedrive <> Lexoffice

Hi, we're looking for a Pipedrive expert/agency to support one of the customers in custom API integration enhancement for Pipedrive & Lexoffice. Sending over more information in the below link. 

Are there any experts available here to help this week?

This would include adding the below items to the integration:

1. Transferring the contact details of the person related to the organization.

2. Transferring the address of the organization.

3. Once the record is created in Lexoffice​,​ a number is assigned in Lexoffice and we would like to have it parsed back to the organization level in Pipedrive.

Looking for Training | Virtual Sales Crash Course


I am looking for an individual that can train our sales organization to sell in a virtual environment. Our sales team is usually "out in the streets", but has been sidelined to being behind their computer monitor and presenting to clients. 

I would like to connect with someone who can do a one or two day course with our sales team on how to virtually sell along with best practices. 



problems with sync Google calendar

Who wants to help us with the synchronization of our Google calendar, we cannot resolve the issue, and support will come up with standard instructions

The sync is not working or comes with the wrong popups.

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