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Hire assistance / Jobs
Hire assistance / Jobs
  • Looking to hire someone to help consult you in sales?
  • Maybe looking for a local reseller or something similar?
  • Are you someone offering your services?
  • Have a job offer that you want to announce?

This is the topic to get connected with the right person. 

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Alex Giess
Marketing, Insights & Analytics

Replacing 2 contacts forms on wordpress website with a Pipedrive/Teams integration

Replace 2 email-based contact forms in WordPress with custom ones that feed directly into Pipedrive and notify the sales team in Microsoft Teams (using Zapier?) while fitting perfectly into a custom website theme

🎥 Video: What did Pipedrive learn from its most successful product launch? | 20 May 2021

If you couldn't make it to our webinar or if you want a recap, just press play! Hope to see you at the next one. 🚀

Hiring - BDR at Orbiit (VC backed start up)

I'm hiring 2 BDRs to build out new customer markets at Orbiit -

Orbiit, a seed-stage start up, is a matchmaking engine for communities that curates seamless 1:1 introductions at scale, providing communication, scheduling and user insights.

If you're interested in a start up environment and have B2B SaaS sales experience, please apply! 

Hiring - Email Marketing expert

Looking to hire or outsource our email marketing activities…

Would prefer to hire a virtual/remote employee to be a member of our team...

We are a real estate brokerage firm looking for someone with experience in the real estate industry and knows their way around Pipedrive and Mailigen…

Can anyone recommend where i can hire someone?  or a company i can outsource it too? ...