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Human Resources
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⏰ Event: Power of Interview - Customer Interview Techniques Workshop, by UXPressia | Feb 24th, 2021

To get quality insights from your customer interviews you need practice and feedback.

This workshop is an effective and fun way to get both.

Uxpressia facilitates the process so that each participant gets feedback and takes on different roles within the interview. Once you’ve tried it you will be able to repeat this practice with your team using our cheat sheet.

This workshop will focus on applying open- and closed-ended questions, the 5 Whys technique, and the 5W+H technique.

📌 Learn more and enrol here.

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What are Sales Objectives? | 📽️ 1 min

Learn how you can set sales objectives for a clear roadmap showing what your sales team needs to do to help your company achieve its goals.

Any sales objective that has a chance of succeeding needs to be set in steps: consider setting sales objectives using a SMART mindset

Read our article for more: Sales Objectives: Examples That Will Motivate Your Team


🧠 Follow the Learning topic for a one-stop-shop of curated knowledge about Sales, Marketing, CRM and everything in their orbit.

⏰ Event: The 3 Biggest Mental Health Concerns At Work, by Catalyst | Feb 22nd, 2021

Normalizing the topic of mental health at work begins with talking about it. This event brings together leaders from Headspace, Spring Health, and Catalyst to get the conversation going and hopefully inspire action. 📌 Enrol here.

Did you know...?

  • 94% of leaders have seen an increase in mental health and wellness concerns among their team members this year.
  • Only 46% of people are comfortable telling colleagues they’ve taken (or are taking) a day off for mental health and wellness concerns.
  • 99% of leaders believe they have a responsibility to intervene with team members experiencing mental health issues, but... (More)
Bernardo CastanedaPipedrive Employee
Director of Business Development @Latin America

Experimento de la semana

Growth hacking es uno de las herramientas que más ha ayudado a crecer los resultados mis equipos de marketing y ventas. He descubierto algunos experimentos rápidos que les quiero compartir:

Experimento de la semana:
Equipo: Ventas
Responsable: Gerente de ventas
Stakeholders: Ejecutivos de venta
Dolor: Prospección

Hipótesis: Creemos que hay una falta de alineamiento en el perfil de cliente ideal (buyer persona) que esta creando tasas de conversión muy baja de nuestros esfuerzos de prospección.

Experimento: Organizamos una reunion con todos los vendedores de nuestro equipo para explicarles que es un mapa de perfil de cliente y mapa de... (More)