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Send Notes from Slack to Deal/Person/Org in Pipedrive

Has anyone figured out how to do this?

I tried it using + a custom Slack workflow but it's not working. 

Basically, I want to send notes I share with my team via Slack directly to Pipedrive and not have to log in each time to add notes I already shared in Slack. 

Set up PipeDrive forms on a Wordpress site

Hello, I would like to use Pipedrive forms in Wordpress (website).Has anyone already done this and have any feedback on it?  Is it possible to customize the form? And if so, to what extent?

Challenge for lead assignation using round robin

We are working with a startup that is integrating leads from forms from social media (facebook, instagram) and creating deals in the CRM using the Pipedrive API.

We have facing a challenge to assign the leads to 3 branches, each one with 6-7 users, using round robin, but there are some limitations to follow:

1.- All leads should be assigned to users using round robin but following these shifts:

Each branch work on 2 shifts:

→ AM from 9a to 5p from Mon to Fri
→ PM from 12p to 9p from Mon to Fri
→ On saturdays it goes... (More)

Synchronize your Pipedrive data with ActiveCampaign, both ways in real time with just one click! 🖱️

Hi! 😊

I'm building a new software service that might be interesting for you, guys! 🤝

I'm a software developer with few years of experience in data integration for sales and marketing people like you!

Recently I have discovered that there is a lack of simple service that allows you to easily synchronize your CRM records with ActiveCampaign - in real time and both ways! 🔄

It is so easy - you connect your PD and AC accounts and your data starts synchronizing with basic workflow. Then you can spend your time to customize it if you want.

Would it... (More)