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CRM Requirments

Hi community wanted to see if I could get some help in the following requirments our business has when it comes to a CRM. We are evaluation other options too (SFDC, Superoffice, Hubspot). I personally prefer Pipedrive but wanted to see if anyone had advice on the stuff below:

  • Tracking customer documents in the same place. Offers, quotes and signed documents?
  • Chat support webforms? Is anyone using the built in drifter?
  • Ticketing system - customer support? Any tools to recommend, SupportBee, Fresh Desk or Jira?
  • Invoicing - seeing which customers have paid etc? Moving the deal stage automatically? We have... (More)

Send won conversions to Google Analytics

Hello, Pipedrive community!

I have a question about pipedrive-GA integration.

When WON, how can I pass this event to google analytics goals? I know there are third services that offer data integration. But I couldn't find specific events with WON there.
You would really help me.

Correct format for Zapier Webhook POST Leads OBJECT Value

Hi there

I apologise in advance if this post is short. But I wrote up a lengthy explanation and somehow it didn't get posted.

So what I am trying to do is take Gravity Form data and push into PD as a LEAD with as many fields filled. In particular I am wanting to add the value to the LEAD when it is created.

I get an error saying it is not an OBJECT. How can I create this OBJECT Value with my POST?

Otimização Pipedrive + Zapiar + Chatfuel + Whatsaapp

Oi, tudo bem ?  Eu tenho um Clinicca Estitca em recife e estou melhorando o meu processo comercial. Para isso hoje eu estou usando o Chatfuel e Pipedrive integrado via Zapier para fazer um processo de pré qualificação dos contatos recebidos via campanha. Mas eu estou precisando padronizar todo o processo comercial , automatizá-lo e integrar esse processo com whatsapp.   Alguém conseguiria me ajudar nesse processo ?  

Segue o meu contato 87 981220146. Enviar mensagem via whatsapp. Não ligar !