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I noticed that the API for "Update a Deal" does not allow us to modify the "expected close date"

All other fields in the deal can be updated via API (Zapier, etc) except this field. Can we get that fixed?

How to have Facebook Lead Ads create new LEADS in Pipedrive via Zapier

Hi, I have Facebook Lead Ads running, and integration with Zapier is working and I can create DEALS in Pipedrive.

But, I can't find an option in the Zapier Zap to allow creation of Pipedrive Leads, only Deals, People, Activity etc. Basically anything but Leads!

Can anyone help with this? Thanks


Hey.. I like the new REVENUE feature, but still there isn't way to set it automatically, via API more Zapier or even via list view. This is super important... Otherwise this feature is a manual one, and we like to automate things :)

Attribution tool: 2 Way updates between Google Analytics & Pipedrive?

Can anyone recommend an app / service that can:

  1. Tag visitors to site by GA ID
  2. Track form completions (WordPress / Gravity Forms)
  3. Import customer data into Pipedrive deal (GA ID, Campaign, browser, landing page, etc...)
  4. If Pipedrive deal is won, send goal completion data back to GA

A service called Punchydata was able to do this, but unfortunately, they seems to have shut down.

Thank you!