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Are your cold emails are getting caught as spam? Here is a solution!

The most common reason for your emails getting marked spam is this -

When people to whom you are sending these emails, mark your email as spam

You are a tea seller who is doing cold email outreach, you reach out to everyone in your city where a group of passionate tea haters also live. Once this email reaches out to them, they start marking your email as spam. This is what happens when a salesperson adopts the spray and pray method when they use email outreach.

Always send your emails to your target audience only, to avoid this scenario.... (More)

Sales Objections Tool: Tell us the objection. Get expert responses. 🙅🔜💰

We know it can be frustrating to receive objections from prospects, but there are techniques you can use to counter with confidence. We’ve reached out to some of the top-notch sales teams using Pipedrive to ask for their best responses to the most common objections. Their insightful answers will put you on the fast track to a stress-free sales process.

You can browse, copy, download and even save favourite responses:

  • Time
  • Price
  • Need
  • Trust
  • Competition
  • Authority
  • Industry

Click here to start turning that "no" into a "yes"!

🧠 Follow our Learning topic for a one-stop-shop of curated... (More)

New: Leads API scope added by Zapier 🤖 🔛 🅿️

What does this mean, what do I need to do?

If you're one of our 20,000 users who have installed the Zapier app you probably already received a notification about this from Zapier, but no harm in announcing it here too.

To take advantage of this new API scope (building zaps that utilise Pipedrive's Leads), simply re-authenticate (reinstall) the Zapier app so you can utilize the leads scope (leads objects will be added to zap functionalities).

Is there any risk in reinstalling?

No, you won't lose anything.

What if I don't reinstall?

The app will remain the same but without... (More)

Caixa de seleção no nome da atividade

Para o PipeDrive abranger vendas e pós vendas e ser viável como uma ferramenta seria interessante criar uma caixa de seleção no nome da atividade, assim seria possível gerar indicadores com a extração. Hoje é uma ferramenta boa para vendas, mas vaga em pós vendas. Neste caso, se torna inviável mantê-la em uma empresa em expansão pois é preciso um único sistema que supra a empresa no geral, pelo menos nesta troca provável cliente -> cliente ganho. 


Então no título da atividade seria como em quem criou, onde é só clicar e escolher.