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3 Lives para aprender sobre Pipedrive começa hoje!

Fala galera! Estão sabendo da iniciativa do Thiago Concer e do meu grande amigo Junior França para expandir o conhecimento de Pipedrive pelo Brasil?


Pois é, começa hoje os "Mestres do CRM"

Is there any way to track email opens in Google Workspace the way Hubspot does it (via a Chrome extension and BCC)? This seems like an industry standard feature and is becoming a deal-breaker for us.

November's New Apps Spotlight!

Check out the 2 new apps featured in this month's App Spotlight.

  • TimelinesAI - helps you automatically sync Whatsapp messaging with your clients to Pipedrive Deals and Persons
  • Postcall - helps you send customer satisfaction surveys after your Aircall, RingCentral or Zendesk Talk calls, delivered via SMS or email.


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Mental Load: Women’s Invisible Workload

You are probably familiar with the term gender care gap, but are you familiar with the term “mental load”?


Over the past few years, the subject of mental load (sometimes also known as cognitive load) has garnered more and more interest. Especially since the French comic artist Emma published her now-famous comic about women and mental load in the Guardian.


Mental load can be defined as all the work that keeps a household running but stays invisible – and in heterosexual couples it’s often women taking on this mental load. Studies have found that women spend more time on tasks like childcare and domestic chores than men.


In this article, we take a closer look at what the term means and how you can overcome it.