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Problem solving / Workarounds
Problem solving / Workarounds
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Jenivive Forte
Sales Operations Lead

Editing Workflow's among PD Admins


Is it possible to edit workflows created by other admins?

This would be helpful if the admin is out of the office and the workflow needs to be updated ASAP, or if the owner is no longer working for the company. 


Hallo ik zie in de dealoverzichten per kwartaal geen optelling van q1 meer de bovenste regel is incompleet, pe maand geen probleem, zie afbeelding. Is dit een bug?

Accurate Insights for Retail/Wholesale but Avoiding Many Deals per Client

Hello Pipedrive Community,

Within our wholesale business, we may win say 3-7 deals per year per client. As you can imagine, the deals that have been won (or lost), start to add up and really make Pipedrive quite congested. For example: if you create an activity for a client and search for their name, all of the old deals will show up and as we don't use unique identifiers for deals, it's hard to distinguish which is the open deal. In effect, we want to be able to have accurate insights/analytics, but not have tons of deals stack up. In the first year, it might be fine. But as the years go on, with one client, next thing you know, we might have a list of 30-40 deals.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? If so, I'd be very interested to hear your ideas for a workaround. The k key for us is accurate insights/analytics.

Thanks in advance,

Synchronize two e-mail addresses

Good afternoon to all,

For almost a half year I'm using Pipedrive to organize my contacts and get as much efficiency out of my sales.

I started my company with one e-mail address (existing one taken over from another business) now I NEED to add a second one. I didn't believed my ears when I heard that even with a more expensive subscription/plan such as 'enterprice' this feature is not available.

I cannot imagine that big companies, selling multiple different products to more or less the same customers cannot work from one CRM system unless they are using the same e-mail address.

Can somebody help me out?! I would appreciate when developers of pipedrive will add this feature.

Looking forward to hear, thank you in advance!


Best regards,


Nick Loenen