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Remote Work
Remote Work

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Customer relationships, business development, Sales and Marketing strategies -- all of these and more have been affected by the 'working from home' wave. 

Share and ask for tips, methods and tools, or just vent your pain points about working remotely.💡 

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Soft Skills: Das entscheidende Verkaufsmittel, das aber fast alle Manager vernachlässigen

Die richtigen Soft Skills können Ihnen direkt dabei helfen, Ihren Umsatz zu steigern und Ihr Unternehmen zu vergrößern. Zu den wichtigsten Soft Skills gehören:

  • Kommunikation (am Telefon, per E-Mail und von Angesicht zu Angesicht)
  • Aktives Zuhören und die Fähigkeit, die richtigen Fragen zu stellen
  • Aufbau einer Beziehung und Aufrechterhaltung einer Beziehung

Interessenten kaufen eher von einem Verkäufer, den sie mögen und dem sie vertrauen. Deshalb sollten Sie dafür sorgen, dass Ihre Leads gerne mit Ihren Vertriebsmitarbeitern sprechen und dass Ihre Vertriebsmitarbeiter eine Beziehung zu den Leads aufbauen. Der Verkäufer, der Sägespäne an ein Sägewerk verkaufen kann, verfügt über unglaubliche... (More)

Soft skills: The critical sales weapon almost all managers neglect

The right soft skills can directly help you drive revenue and grow your business. Key soft skills include:

  • Communication (on the phone, over email and face-to-face)
  • Active listening and the ability to ask the right questions
  • Building a rapport and maintaining a relationship

Prospects are more likely to buy from a salesperson they like and trust. That’s why you want your leads to enjoy talking to your reps, and you want your reps to build relationships with leads. The sort of salesperson who can sell sawdust to a lumber mill has incredible soft skills: they manage a relationship well,... (More)

⏰ Event: Having a Difficult Customer Conversation, by APS | Feb 24th, 2021

Uncover the science and psychology underpinning the best responses to hard customer calls, enabling you to protect pricing and loyalty.  📌 Learn more and enrol here.


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🧠 Get the Deals Flowing Faster - Sales Pipeline Course: Chapter 7 | 📽️ 2 mins

Learn about the fourth and final lever that is vital to having a high-performing sales pipeline: increasing the speed you close deals and getting your pipeline flowing faster. 

Recap all four levers:

  1. How to add more deals
  2. How to go after larger deals
  3. Plug the leaks in your pipeline
  4. Get the deals flowing faster

Use this course to start building a powerful sales pipeline today. Download our Sales Pipeline Course ebook.

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