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Remote Work
Remote Work

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Customer relationships, business development, Sales and Marketing strategies -- all of these and more have been affected by the 'working from home' wave. 

Share and ask for tips, methods and tools, or just vent your pain points about working remotely.💡 

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7 Ways an iPad or Tablet can Help You Close more Deals during a Summer of Sales 📱 📈

The last year and a half have been challenging for almost every industry, but sales teams around the world adapted. In fact, the PC and tablet industry saw growth in 2020 following a steady decline in previous years.

As remote and at-home work becomes the norm, it is more and more important to make sure you have the right tools. Find out the ways tablets and iPads can help you and your sales team to stay productive and sell more this summer.

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⏰ Webinar: How to manage Remote Sales Teams for peak performance | 22 June, 2021

For over a year, the pandemic disrupted the way we understand work. Most of the companies experienced “forced digitization”, however, new possibilities to recruit talent from around the world have emerged.

Join this free webinar to learn:
✓ The best practices in team onboarding.
✓ The exact tools LearnWorlds uses to onboard their team.
✓ Recent research by Pipedrive on the opportunities for sales teams.
✓ How to optimize team management to foster peak performance

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Tuesday Tips: How to be Productive Without Working Weekends

In our latest State of Sales report, 60% of people said they’d changed the location from which they’d worked due to COVID-19, and 41% were working from home—more than any other category.

Interestingly, working from home vs. in an office had a minimal impact on performance. This goes to show how resilient salespeople are at conforming to new environments, expectations and needs.

Yet, even if remote work hasn’t impacted performance, it has led to the continued trend of overworking (especially into the evenings and weekends).

Our State of Sales report found that 25% of salespeople are working more than... (More)

Motivation and productivity tips, Part 1: we've got you covered (for real)

🤔 Are you already using any of the strategies below? Why or why not?
🤔 Are you already using any of the strategies below? Why or why not?
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