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Sales Strategy
Sales Strategy
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Alexander Abell
Founder, CEO & Lunch Break Enforcer

Why in the world doesn't Pipedrive support HTML email signatures?

It seems to me that just about every modern email tool that's used for business has the ability to create an HTML email signature.  As CEO, I'm trying to get my company's employees to adopt Pipedrive for their email communications with clients so that the message history is preserved within the deals we are chasing. 

However, the signatures we are able to create in Pipedrive just don't really cut it. 

Is anyone else kind of taken aback that this functionality doesn't exist?

What do you use for your email signature in PD? Any tips on driving adoption of the Pipedrive email function?

Amit SardaPipedrive Expert | Community Driver
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List of Report/Chart Ideas for Pipedrive Insights

Hi everyone!

I am pre-selling a list of chart/report ideas for Pipedrive Insights. 

I have curated this list from the point of view of sales leadership, sales management, and individual salespeople. The final digital product will also contain screenshots of how to configure these and what it would look like, with a summary of how to interpret a particular chart.

You can find the digital product here:

You will find the option to get the list of ideas for FREE.

If it is of interest to you, you can purchase the product via Gumroad.

If you have suggestions on how I can make it more useful for you, please let me know in the comments.

Enquête : d'ici le 20 Décembre, partagez vos expériences dans la vente et le marketing en 2021, et vos pronostics pour 2022 🚀

Votre point de vue nous intéresse: partagez vos expériences dans la vente et le marketing en 2021, ainsi que vos prévisions pour 2022, en répondant à ce sondage d'une durée de 10 minutes sur les tendances de la vente et du marketing ! 


Vos réponses resteront anonymes, confidentielles et ne feront l'objet d'aucun pistage. Nous réaliserons des rapports détaillés que nous mettrons à votre disposition dans plusieurs langues. Date limite : 20 Décembre


Sondage en Français 


Merci de votre participation. Nous avons hâte d'en savoir plus sur vous !

Compartilhe suas experiências com vendas e marketing em 2021 e as expectativas para 2022 até 20 de Dezembro 🚀

Queremos ouvir você: compartilhe suas experiências com vendas e marketing em 2021 e suas expectativas para 2022 participando de nossa pesquisa sobre o Mercado de Vendas e Marketing com duração de 10 minutos! As respostas são anônimas, confidenciais e não rastreadas. 


Criaremos relatórios completos em vários idiomas e iremos compartilhá-los com você. Prazo: 20 de Dezembro 


🇧🇷 Pesquisa em Português 


Agradecemos a sua participação e mal podemos esperar para saber mais sobre como foi o seu ano!