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Sales Strategy
Sales Strategy
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🏆 🇧🇷 Success Stories: Pipedrive is “made to sell”: Why a 21-year sales veteran chose the CRM
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When founder of Symbios Sales and 21-year sales industry veteran @Marcelo Silva  discovered Pipedrive, he knew it was the right CRM.

“I realized in just a few minutes that the tool was really made to sell, that it was a sales tool, and the easier it is to sell, the more you sell.”

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¿Sigue siendo el correo electrónico enviado en frío la mejor forma de comunicarte con nuevos prospectos?

El reciente Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (RGPD) de 2016 cambió la forma en que escribimos y enviamos correos electrónicos en frío. Con los años que han tenido para adaptarse, ¿siguen siendo estos correos la mejor manera de comunicarse con nuevos prospectos o existen otros métodos que dan mejores resultados?

Con la dispersión de los correos electrónicos de marketing como cosa del pasado, Guy Hanson de Econsultancy señala que las nuevas prácticas brindan "una gran cantidad de beneficios, incluido un aumento frente a todos los principales indicadores KPI", con "KPI negativos" [que muestran] las reducciones correspondientes, con indicadores... (More)

Using a custom pipeline for sequences?

I am thinking about creating a "prospecting pipeline" for my 5-8 week prospecting sequences. I have always reserved my Pipeline for deals but I am thinking this would be a nice visual for sequences and I could tie automation into each stage. I am sure others are doing this and I would like to hear your thoughts. 

Deals - On-hold

There are multiple deals on hold due to the pandemic situations. These deals affects my overall lifecycle of the Sales Process. What is the best practice to handle the deals on hold?