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Seeking Advice
Seeking Advice
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How do you track your competitors in Pipedrive?

We've created an organization for one but before we fully go down this road, we're wondering if there might be a better approach?

[Survey] How do you use Whatsapp in your work with clients?

Hi, people!

My team and I are working on a way to improve the sales team`s efficiency on Whatsapp. Specifically, we're developing the automatic Whatsapp to PipeDrive integration. I'm looking to find out how you use Whatsapp in your work now: for lead gen, sales, account management, long-term customer relations, etc.

Please fill in this survey (takes 5-10 minutes, I checked!):

We're 3 years on the market already, but will be developing a direct/native integration of Whatsapp to a CRM for the first time, so your input is highly appreciated.

Your answers will help me understand your goals and... (More)

I automate things

In order of priority 🤠

1. ADVANCED LEAD/DEAL ROUTING (some competitor examples 😉 Example 12, Example 2, Example 3).
2. Smart Lead/Deal Scoring
3. Ability to Completely Remove the Followers feature. This is a broken feature for owner-only workflows...
4. More control over custom fields. Detail Sections, by Pipeline, Lock by User Permissions, etc...
5. Workflow Automation "Send/Trigger Webhook" Action
6. Better admin control of user onboarding and environment setup. (company default Connect email/calendar settings, signature, apps, sidebar options, User Name, User Profile picture)
7. Remove UI elements that users don't need or don't have permissions... (More)

Bernardo CastanedaPipedrive Employee
Director of Business Development @Latin America

Gracias por su ayuda, aquí les dejo nuestro borrador.

¡Gracias por su ayuda a todos los que se apuntaron para ayudarme en con el curso!

Su ayuda en las reuniones de la semana pasada fue muy útil y ayudo a crear el story board, arco de historia y plan de estudio.

Abusando de su buena voluntad, aquí les dejo el primer draft del video y quedo pendiente a su retroalimentación y recomendaciones.

Tomen en cuenta que al ser el primer borrador, no hemos implementado temas de diseño como animaciones, intros, salidas, etc, pero si las vamos a incluir en las versiones finales.

Seria de mucha ayuda para iniciar a... (More)