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Auto emailing template email for person in custom field in Person, Deal or Organization?

Hi! I have searched the forums for an answer to this problem but nothing specific answered my question.

I am a real estate investor, 1 man shop, and use a Real Estate agent to sell my renovated properties. I have my system set up like this: Person is the individual calling me about selling the property, Deal is where I place all my data about the property, appointment info, my offer, ect. Organization is the address of the property and I place all my info about buying and selling the property under Organization. Info like buy or sell price, closing agent and the RE agent. I was planning on using the fields in Organization on the deal page

I wanted to send my RE agent an email with the property info already inserted, asking price, parcel ID and whatnot when my trigger "Notify FRS Agent to is moved to "Yes". I did not work. I tried tying my RE agent to the Organization, did not work. I moved the fields to the Deal section and the email went out but only to me as the Org owner. I just tried using a trigger in Deal updated so when the Exit Strategy custom field is moved to Wholesale or Retail for condition and I thought the email would be send to Deal owner email (I suppose me), using email template "Seller Opportunity, Email Template Deal (Deal?), Email Template Organization (Deal organization?) and Email Template Person (FRS Agent-S for my RE Agent?).... (More)

Till Jaeger
VP of Sales Engineering

Link a note to deal after it has been created on org level?

Is there any way to link an existing note that had originally been created on organisation level to a deal other than copy / paste the content into a new note? 


View won deals by product category

Am I missing something/could somebody help me with the following please... I want to see how many of a certain product category we have sold in the last year, 2 years etc. I see a report in Insights where I can view how many of each individual product we have sold, but cannot see a way to segment by category (i.e. all the products supplied by Supplier X).

Another way I could achieve this is by setting a list view Deals filter (i.e. won deals between certain dates) and displaying the product category as a column - only those options aren't there. I can see Product Qty and Product amount only - which I find unhelpful.


Scheduled Payments revenue report in Insight not showing up all deals with Payment schedule



Last year I have been using payment schedules in my deals and I could use the report without nay issues.

This year I do the same but not all deals with scheduled payment in 2022 are showing up in the report. I have tried to find why looking at all criteria and filters for the report but I can't find the source of the problem.

Many of the current deals are duplicated from those of last year but all close dates, delivery dates and payment schedules have been updated accordingly. Maybe this is a direction to look for the problem but still I can't see why this is not working...


Anyone who could point me in the right direction?

Many thanks