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Seeking advice
Seeking advice
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Is there some way to revert an update that occurred?

The PieSync API did a crazy update last Friday changing all owners for our organizations.  is there a way to somehow undo all those inside of Pipedrive.  They are all marked in the Update column as being done by the API.

Simon Schoop
Managing Director, enabling digital change and innovation

I have a feature request: Save filters in Prospector. I absolutely need this to be able to work with Prospector in a time efficient way. Who agrees?

I work with Prospector to identify potential customers. However we have a lot of different personas, that we use in order to identify matching potential customes. Therefore, I would urgently need the possibility to SAVE the filters I set along with a name that I can give that filter. Anyone else here with the same need? It´s a shame that I have to do screenshots for my filter settings in order to revert to that later when finetuning the filter - that´s a massive downside of the current prospector setup which I LOVE otherwise. 

Sales b2b!

revin cu un nou post poate mai activam putin grupul. Cum aveti segmentat procesul de sales B2B?

La noi avem asa:

Partea de calificare are un flow

Partea de sell efectiva alt flow si se bazeaza pe inputul din zona de calificare leaduri.

In cazul nostru b2b media & Hr ce am observat ca functioneaza:

1.segmentarea in functie de price point pana in 1.5-3k si peste. Orice e pana in 1.5(3k) uneori intra intr-un flux de intensitate mai mare. Ce trece de aceasta suma e foarte manual cu sales rep call.

2. inBound pe B2B in zona noastra merge foarte... (More)

Overdue activities

hi - im looking to generate a report on overdue activities by user - i can run this manually, but want a live report to show in MS Teams.

Is there a way this can be done ?

thanks in advnance