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Seeking Advice
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Help with Quickbooks online integration

I've established the link between PipeDrive and our QuickBooks account. On my initial test to create an invoice, I'm able to to see the contact info coming over from Quickbooks. However, nothing populates in the 'product name' dropdown, despite these 'products and services' being established within Quickbooks. I don't see any other 'settings' area to link these together; does anyone have experience using this integration?  

email tracking

I am using the email tracking feature to track when my target opens an email and how many times it has been opened.   However, what I just realized is that when I go click on that message in my "sent" messages folder in Outlook, PipeDrive will also track that as my target opening the message.  It's a bit misleading obviously - is there any way to correct the tracking so that it only provides a notification when my target opens the message?

Can someone tell me why i can not get through to you in the section called "Have a converation" and the email sent to>:  came back as undeliverable.

How can I link multiple e-mails to one deal

By receiving e-mails it would be necessary to have to option to select multiple e-mails and link them to one deal. How is it possible? 

  • automatic deal suggestion does not work in many cases or does not add the emails to the relevant deal.