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Seeking Advice
Seeking Advice
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Amount of revenue in EUR in /organizations/list/filter/xxxx ?

Hi Folks! Need some intelligence in my lists. Is PD able to deliver? How do you solve this? I want to see total amount of revenue in EUR in my won deals, listed by .../organizations/list/filter/xxxx - not just the amount of won deals.. Was looking for a column, just found this (see attachment) - any ideas? 

Sync Data from Deal Details to Linked Contact

Hi all, perhaps this is something you can help me with.

I am looking for a simple way to collect the emails of my deals and sync them with the linked contact.

I am trying to set up the Mailchimp email integration. To do this, it requires the linked contact to each deal to have the email address listed. The contact must have the email, there is not a filter that allows for the email to come from the deal details, which is where I have all of mine listed. (note: our company admins have disabled to export feature, so... (More)

Karine Labrecque
Business Development Coodinator

Want to export Data lists from our customized fields....

Hi everyone! Is it possible to export the lists we created with our customized fields we created? For exemple, we created a Commodity field with a dropdown list of choices, I want to export those choices...

I have already explored the Import/Export menu but nothing for the export of 'backend' info....

Other CRM offer the option, does Pipedrive is offering it as well?

Asking for advice!!

Adding revenue number on a deal

I can see within Pipedrive there shows "Revenue" for a deal however nothing allows you to enter an amount.  Can someone please let me know how we can add this?


Thank you!