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Soft Skills
Soft Skills
  • Prospects are more likely to buy from a salesperson they like and trust. The right soft skills can directly help you drive revenue and grow your business.
  • Learn how to use them in your favour: ask questions and post tips about Soft Skills in your industry, in your country, in your work.
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Simon Schoop
Managing Director, enabling digital change and innovation

Inbound requests

The strongest selling point is if it’s a customer who has already worked with us.
Recently the assistant of the MD of a 2019 client of ours contacted me to get a proposal for a seminar. We eleaborated a concept and afterwards chased her for a deinitie reply. Did not get it. Then their MD called me on a Friday to ask how the status is - i did not call him before because I thought this lead is coming from him so I did not want to bother him. WRONG. He asked me to always contact him directly when... (More)

Habilidades interpessoais: o segredo das vendas que quase todos os gerentes esquecem

Ao usá-las da maneira correta, elas podem impactar a receita e ajudar no crescimento da empresa. Entre as principais habilidades pessoais, destacamos:

  • Comunicação (por telefone, por e-mail, pessoalmente)
  • Escuta ativa e capacidade de fazer as perguntas certas
  • Criação e manutenção de relacionamentos

Os prospectos se sentem mais inclinados a comprar de vendedores nos quais confiam e com quem têm afinidade. Por isso é importante que os leads gostem de falar com seus representantes e que estes criem relacionamentos com os leads. O tipo de vendedor que consegue se sair melhor é aquele com habilidades interpessoais incríveis: ele mantém relacionamentos,... (More)

Destrezas sociales: esa gran arma de ventas que casi todos los gerentes ignoran

Unas adecuadas destrezas sociales pueden ayudarte a generar más ingresos y a hacer crecer tu negocio. Algunas de las destrezas sociales más importantes son:

  • La comunicación (por teléfono, por correo electrónico, en persona)
  • La escucha activa y la capacidad de hacer las preguntas correctas
  • Crear afinidad y mantener las relaciones

Es más probable que un cliente potencial le compre a un vendedor que le agrade y en quien confíe. Es por esto que lo ideal es que los leads disfruten de hablar con tus representantes de ventas, y es deseable que los representantes construyan relaciones con los leads.... (More)

Thursday Topic: Success Stories 💪🏆

This week the focus is on you: tell your community peers your success stories (pro tip: you don't need to be a Pipedrive user, we just want to spread the good news!)

  • How did you flip that lead that seemed lost into a deal and a signed contract?
  • What was your lightbulb moment about the best way to approach negotiation?
  • Did you ever have to make a risky split-second decision that's now part of your success strategy?

There are no small wins! Share your stories here.