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Soft Skills
Soft Skills
  • Prospects are more likely to buy from a salesperson they like and trust. The right soft skills can directly help you drive revenue and grow your business.
  • Learn how to use them in your favour: ask questions and post tips about Soft Skills in your industry, in your country, in your work.
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11 skills a sales associate needs to succeed 🏆

Sales is more than just basic product knowledge. Sales is about people—on both sides of the counter. A good sales associate not only understands the product they are selling: they have a very particular set of skills. Liam Neeson is great but has he ever run the cash register on a Black Friday while the new stock was arriving with Head Office due to visit?


Salespeople need to wear many hats during their workday while demonstrating perfect customer service to every last shopper. The great news is that according to Pipedrive’s State of Sales 2020-2021 report, at least 88% of sales associates regularly work on improving their soft skills. Hiring managers have a diverse and skilled talent pool they can now tap into.


You can spot and recruit these dream employees by requiring 11 must-have skills for a sales associate job during your hiring process. After reading this guide, store owners and salespeople will have a better understanding of the most vital sales associate skills and how to improve on them.

88% of Salespeople Regularly Work on Soft Skills: Here’s How to Sharpen Yours 🤝

According to our State of Sales Report 2020-2021, 88% of sales professionals actively work on improving their soft skills. Furthermore, those working on their soft skills are 11% more likely to achieve their regular sales targets. So, why are so many salespeople allocating time to developing soft skills? And, why is their effort paying off?


In this article we’ll define what soft skills are, why they’re important to your sales team and how you can take measures to sharpen them. We’ll also help you spot soft skills during the hiring process and explore why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of saying no.

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