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Syncbot (Mailigen)
Syncbot (Mailigen)

Syncbot is a live, one-way synchronization tool from Pipedrive to Mailigen that synchronizes all contacts or specific contact filters.

Mailigen is a powerful email marketing and automation solution that allows you to create email sequences, drip campaigns, email marketing, SMS campaigns, among others. This is a powerful set of tools that bring Sales and Marketing teams together. 

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🗣️ 💬 Campaigns: Q&A | volume 3

Q: The new Campaign module is a great start. Does the module include the capability of creating a sequence of emails, triggered by an event in PD? If we don't have sequences, for now at least it seems to be a fancy way to do Group Messages. Is that the case?

A: We expect to add drip sequences or to be more precise upgraded workflow automation with wait/delay actions and marketing emails at the end of Q3. Group mail and Campaigns serve different purposes: Campaigns has a drag and drop email editor and engagement reports, also group mail is limited to 100 contacts, available only in Pro plan, while Campaigns don't have such limitations. And finally, Campaigns provides an infrastructure that can support mass emails, while group mail uses your email outbox, and often such large sendouts will cause email delivery issues.

Q: Is Campaigns add-on meant only marketing campaigns and automation or will it include making sales email cadences functionality, cold email sequences?

A: Campaigns can be used to send marketing emails to opt-in contacts only, or in other words to those subscribers who have expressed interest and given consent or permission. Campaigns can not be used for bulk cold email campaigns or cold email sales cadences. The reason is simple: Campaigns' shared infrastructure reputation can be damaged by recipients marking your cold emails as spam and we have to make sure that all Campaigns customers follow the best email marketing practices.

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E-mails automatisés spammés


J'ai investi récemment dans le Plan Advanced pour profiter des possibilités d'automatisations de Pipedrive. Or après quelques mois d'essais, je me rends compte que mes mails automatisés envoyés à mes clients (il s'agit de mail de relance pour réabonnement)... tombent dans leurs spams.

Avez-vous souvent ce problème? Quelqu'un a-t-il des conseils ou des solutions?



Suzanne Van de Ven
Digital Content Strategist

Mailigen and Pipedrive Accounts

Okay so I need a recommendation on best practice. 

I have a filter set up to pull in any open deals. That filter then feeds to Mailigen. I excluded anyone in this filter to be sent a Prospect Monthly Marketing email I just sent. This doesn't seem to be the right approach as my email to "prospects" in Mailigen was just sent to a number of people who are active accounts of ours. What I'm finding out is that anyone who was linked as a person in deals didn't get the email, BUT anyone who wasn't linked as a person in deals did. To prevent this in the future, is there also a way to remove any people who are linked to an organization that is in an active deal? I believe they're considered "participants". I'm looking for a solution to prevent any person who is linked to an active facility/organization to exclude from my emails in the future. 

I can play around with the filter but wondering if this is something anyone knows off hand to prevent my trial and error efforts. 


Suzanne Van de Ven
Digital Content Strategist

Syncbot & PD Filters

Are there any plans to update Mailigen so that the PD filters are two-way feed rather than just PD to Mailigen? I have a case where I updated my filter in PD and now those who are no longer in the filter are still in Mailigen. I use filters in Pipedrive and then pull in that information through a Mailigen Syncbot. Seems like this is one of the cons of doing it how I did it so I'm open to other ways that would still suit my situation. 

Reasons for doing it the way I did it: 

  • Control over the people funneling into Mailigen to keep cost down
  • I find the filters are really easy in PD and that's what I'm used to
  • I am able to do a gut check on both systems to ensure the volume is the same and everything is flowing correctly. For example, my filter has 6k in PD but I'm seeing only 4k in my monthly newsletter/email list. This alerts me to dig deeper
  • We use Mailigen for marketing and lead generation so some of the PD contacts didn't "opt in". By using a lead gen source I can ensure we're not sending to those who haven't given permission

Hope this helps!