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PipeDrive -> Taliscape Integration

Does anyone understand how this integration works?  I've just enabled Taliscape in our Pipedrive account, and was expecting to see the deals in my pipeline appearing on the Taliscape side, but no joy.  It appears as if I need to enter all the Project data into Taliscape by hand, which makes the integration relatively useless IMPO.  I imagine either something is not setup correctly, or I need to run some process or wait until it runs??

Any guidance or suggestions are greatly appreciated! 



Em minha empresa enfrentamos um problema com no-show de agendamentos para demonstrações agendadas com os prospects. Atualmente no Pipedrive não há nenhuma opção para marcar uma atividade como "no-show". Ou seja, a atividade deve ser editada ou então, concluída. Gostaria de opiniões de como proceder com o registro dessas atividades que não acontecem pelo não comparecimento do prospect. Toda sugestão é bem vinda!


Test the new email feature prototype 📩 (deadline: April 12th)

Hello everyone,

We are working on a new feature for email and we would be happy to get your feedback on the first prototype to test the usability. The information will be used for the research purpose only.

You will be asked to complete some small tasks on the prototype, and there will be some questions regarding the overall experience. What we need:

Join the Pipedrive Roundtable! (This Friday, 2nd of April, 08:30 PST / 17:30 CEST)

Join our Roundtable for Tips and Tricks on Friday, April the 2nd at 08:30 - 09:30 PST / 17:30 - 18:30 CET!

Friday, every two weeks, we get together to improve our Pipedrive Skills!

For an invite, send an E-Mail to or

Topics may include:

  • Caller/Phone Apps
  • Effective mass Emailing of Leads/Deals
  • Insights
  • Lead Gen Apps
  • More Automations!

It started with @Salahdin Mabtoul, Khalid Elamri, @Jeremy Gulley, @Suzanne Van de Ven and we are growing thanks to @Luke Martyn joining last time and hopefully, many more joining us over the next few meetings!

Again,... (More)