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Tips & Tricks
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Changing order of notes

Hello, I'd like to ask, if it is possible to change order of received and sent notes/emails at Contacts/Organizations. Now, the newest are displaying at the top and I need to reverse it, so that the oldest are displaying at the top. I want to summarize what was the the way of contacting each company and to analyze which channel is the most efficient. Now, to see the oldest notes, I have to manually scroll several years of conversation with each company to get to the bottom, which is wildly inefficient. 

Does any of you know a better way to do this? :)

How can I do affiliate marketing as promote pipe drive and earned $ ?

ผมสามารถแนะนำบริษัทผมทั้งบริษัทให้มาใช้ Pipe drive โดยที่ผมจะขอรับผลประโยชน์เช่นส่วนแบ่งการตลาดหรือข้อเสนออื่นๆได้ไหมครับ

และผมเป็น Influencer ผมสามารถทำการตลาดได้มากกว่านี้

Could WhatsApp be a powerful sales tool for your business?

There are many ways using WhatsApp could benefit your business, from helping you connect with customers and prospects to better targeting your marketing messages.

Here are a few WhatsApp-related tools that can augment your sales and marketing strategies:

  • Catalog: Will let you showcase and share your products and services in your business account.
  • Short link: You can share the auto-generated short link with new clients to allow them to message your business.
  • Messaging tools: WhatsApp messaging templates can help in building key conversations beforehand. You can also create automated greeting messages or build quick replies to answer FAQs.
  • Labels: These can help you organize your conversations with customers.
  • Facebook Shops: Lets you integrate your WhatsApp Business account with Facebook Shop to create customized shopping experiences.

Want to see how WhatsApp (especially when integrated with your CRM) can do for you? Read our guide to increasing sales with WhatsApp.

Ian Yun
Sales & Account Manager

파이프드라이브 Troubleshooting : 브라우저 콘솔 창 열기

파이프드라이브의 기능 에러 발생 시, 브라우저 콘솔 스크린샷을 통해 좀더 빠른 확인 및 지원이 가능합니다.

이 컨텐츠에서는 브라우저별 콘솔창을 확인할 수 있는 방법과, 지원 요청 시 지원팀에서 요청드릴 수 있는 콘솔 창 스크린샷에 대해 설명합니다.

 1. 브라우저별 콘솔 창 단축키

크롬(Chrome)Ctrl + Shift + JCtrl + Shift + JCmd + Option + J
파이어폭스(FireFox)Ctrl + Shift + KCtrl + Shift + KCmd + Option + K
사파리(Safari)Ctrl + Alt + C-Cmd + Option + C
마이크로소프트 EdgeCtrl + Shift + J-Cmd + Option + J

 2. 브라우저 콘솔 창 캡쳐 예시

  • 콘솔 창을 연 후, 빨간 색으로 나타나는 오류 메시지가 포함되게 스크린샷을 캡쳐해주시면 됩니다.
  • 콘솔 창 캡쳐 시에는 현재 페이지의 URL이 확인될 수 있게 전체 화면을 캡쳐해주시면 됩니다.

 추가. 브라우저 네트워크 정보

  • 위 화면과 같이 콘솔 창 옆의 Network를 클릭하면, 오류를 일으키는 인터넷 연결 문제를 확인할 수 있습니다.
  • 네트워크 창 캡쳐 시에는 빨간 색 오류 메시지가 포함되고, 현재 페이지의 URL이 확인될 수 있게 전체 화면을 캡쳐해주시면 됩니다.


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