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Tips & Tricks
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Creating a Web Form in Pipedrive that is GDPR compliant 📝

The implementation of the GDPR law in 2018 had a significant impact on Sales and Marketing companies, namely for lead generation, prospection, and e-commerce. You can learn more about GDPR compliance for your sales team in this blog entry.

In Pipedrive specifically, the Web Forms feature is one of the most valuable tools to capture leads from your website. However, as controller of the information and depending on the data you are gathering, you should notify your customers when and how you are processing their information to ensure GDPR compliance. This guide will show you how to do... (More)

Sending email from different email addresses


I have three separate email addresses linked to my Outlook mailbox and I would like to send marketing and sales emails from different emails. However I cannot figure out how as PD only syncs with the main mailbox and I cannot find a way to sent out emails from the other ones.

Is this really not possible or is there something I've missed?

Thank you for the help! 

Pipeline Stages - Copy Stages into new pipeline?

Is it possible to copy existing stages in one pipeline wihout having to recreate the stages in each new pipeline?

How to visually map relationships with Pipedrive (like Obsidian or Roam!)?

Hey ... now then ... we rely a lot on referrals, and we'd love to be able to map out how all our clients have ended up with us, how they are all linked, who are the big referrers, whether they share characteristics etc.

So .. does anyone know of any 3rd-party app that could connect with Pipedrive to enable this to happen? Below is an image from Obsidian (which won’t connect,) but which shows the simple graphical way in which it can map out links & backlinks.

Would LOVE to hear from anybody with any kind of view or... (More)