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NathanaëlPipedrive Employee
French Content Production Manager

🏆Success Story : comment une plateforme d’engagement client a mis la main sur une nouvelle source de leads
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Dans cette vidéo, @David Gable de chez Kixie nous raconte comment ses commerciaux sont passés d’une stratégie d’inbound marketing à ce qu'il appelle une approche « outbound-esque » en mettant à profit leur site Internet pour acquérir de meilleurs leads.

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Some things I wish I’d have known before doing my first demos

When I started my first sales role at Klaus in 2018, I had never done a demo or a discovery call. I was thrown straight into the deep end, and over the past 3 years, have made a fair few mistakes.

Here are a few things I wish I had have known before I started:

You don’t need to show everything in the first call
My early demos (of a very simple product) would last around 45 minutes, and I soon started to notice that people were losing focus and doing other things whilst I was talking. My mistake was that I would go too deep into details and try to show every feature and setting rather than focusing on core features that would solve problems for the customer I was talking to.

You should be listening rather than talking
In my early demos, I would be the person talking the most during the call. It should be the other way around. You should be asking the questions and getting as much information from the prospect as possible. This will help you to diagnose the pain and prescribe a solution to it using your product.

A person’s time is valuable
First calls should be concise. Buyers will often have a lot of demos booked, and they don’t want to spend hours learning every little detail about each product.

There should be a flow
I try to present our product with a natural flow, showing the prospect how the tool works... (More)

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Jeffrey Dromeshauser
VP of Business Development

Mail Send Options

I am not sure if I saw this or if I am missing it in the program, but is there an option to set up a specific time and date to send a campaign?  I have put together a three piece campaign and it seems like I need to go in to the system and click send on when I want it to go out.

It would be very helpful, like Pipedrive email already has, to schedule sending the emails.  Again, I may be missing it and if I am could someone direct me to where I should go.  Thanks!!