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Hidden Fields in Web Forms to Capture Pre-defined Data

Allowing users to input fields on the front-end which get passed through to Pipedrive deal fields is great.

However, defining “hidden fields” on the back end which we can populate with data would increase the value of Web Forms massively and would make it a no-brainer subscription for us.

For example, if we have a web form on the product section of our website which is on a specific landing page where we’re driving traffic from a Facebook campaign, there are two fields which we need to record: Product type: [product], and Lead Source: Facebook. It wouldn’t make sense for... (More)


We have a Typeform integration built by Typeform themselves in our Marketplace, check it out here10

Pipedrive free trial accounts work just the same as paid accounts, so there should be no restrictions to using integrations with other tools from our end. I recommend you take a look at the setup instructions in the link above and if you still have questions or any issues reach out to Typeform's support team, also listed there. 🚀

Pipedrive webform reports?

Hey! My team members struggle with spending too much time analyzing data we receive through Pipedrive webforms. Exporting sheets and running custom analytics is a time consuming hell. 

Does Pipedrive plan any easy report summaries of data users fill in through web forms? 

How do you folks handle that?

Jason Chagnon
President, Providentia Marketing

Replace Form Success Message with Page URL Redirect.

We would love to use the forms but we want to be able to redirect after form completion to a specific URL on our site. This is especially helpful for downloadable content after form completion, but it is also critical for goal tracking in Google Analytics. Thanks!