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🔴 Live [Club CRM] - Les dernières nouveautés Pipedrive

On se retrouve ce soir à 17h en live sur notre chaine Twitch pour parler des dernières nouveautés Pipedrive.

On a quelques semaines (mois ?) de retard sur les nouveautés et on a décidé de rattraper ça ce soir.

Voici un lien pour mettre le rdv dans son agenda



📽️ From Zero to Launch - How the Pipedrive team launched a new product from scratch | September 8, 2021

If you couldn't make it to the live event or would like to rewatch, you can find below the full 'From Zero to Launch' product meetup. This is a unique opportunity to hear Krishna Panicker, Maria Lasprilla, Jana Waldschmidt and Agne Kinks share their stories on how the Pipedrive team launched a new product from scratch 🚀
Karoliine PiilePipedrive Employee
Customer Success Operations Intern

“Custom fit Pipedrive to your business needs” webinar Q&A. Unanswered questions

Hi dear Pipedrivers!


Many thanks to all of you who were able to join James Campbell and Tonya Kilgore at the webinar last Tuesday. Today we are happy to let you know, that Tonya and our greatest Product team have finished answering your questions, that we didn’t have time for at the webinar. 

Find the Questions & Answers below in the “discussion” section.

We appreciate your thoughts so feel free to comment. 


Happy weekend to you ❤️

É hoje as 20 horas!! Vou configurar do zero, literalmente, um processo de vendas no CRM Pipedrive versão avançada!

Sinto muito, mas não teremos nenhuma oferta especial no final😜. Será só eu no meu escritório mostrando um passo a passo simles de ser seguido.

Nesta aula, usarei somente os recursos do Pipedrive e sem automações.

Na próxima, vamos automatizar

Na terceira vamos integrar ferramentas e dar super poderres ao Pipedrive com o Integromat

E o que vamos ver na aula de hoje?

✔Criar uma nova conta no Pipedrive

✔Desenhar o fluxo processo de vendas no para controle

✔Criar as etapas

✔Criar campos personalizados estratégicos

✔Sincronizar Agenda, Email, Drive e celular, tudpo para que o vendedor não precise sair... (More)