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Welcome to the Sales Community by Pipedrive!

What's planned?
What's planned?

⚠️This is a read-only topic used by Pipedrive to communicate some of the features our teams are currently working on. ⚠️

📝Please note 📝

  1. Keep an eye on our Research and Beta testing channel  to see when some of the planned updates become available for testing.
  2. New features that are already live are announced in the What's new topic.
  3. You can share product feedback and suggestions in this topic.

Pipedrive reserves the right to modify the features in the What's planned? topic and does not communicate exact timelines.

Planned: Sales Documents for teams 📄 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏼

Pipedrive knows that composing a proposal is in most cases a joint task involving several people in a team or organisation, sharing documents, content, insights and contributing with their knowledge to present a client with the most compelling offer.

Currently, Sales Documents doesn’t fully support this internal process that happens prior to the document being sent to the client. But that's going to change!

With Sales Documents for teams you'll be able to:

  • turn Sales Docs into a team-centred tool to close deals faster
  • guarantee that teams have the necessary access to shared drives, templates and content
  • create documents in... (More)

Planned: Sales Documents + Microsoft Word/OneDrive 📄

We are currently working to make it possible to use the Sales Documents feature with MS Word/Onedrive for users in the Advanced plan and higher. Not just Google Docs anymore!

❗In fact, the beta testing program is open, enrol here. Be one of the first to try out an early version and tell us what you think.

Here's a sneak peek of what it might look like:

🧑‍🏫 Learn all about Sales Documents from our Knowledge Base tutorials and with our Academy videos.

🕵️ Learn about any of Pipedrive’s features from our Knowledge Base tutorials and our... (More)

Planned: Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) integration

Microsoft and Pipedrive have joined forces and will soon release a new app in our Marketplace

The app will focus on sending notifications from data updates in Pipedrive to your MS Teams channels so you can share information with non-Pipedrive users.

Almost simultaneously we'll release the option to create activities with MS Teams video meeting capabilities.

📝Please note 📝

Pipedrive reserves the right to modify and update the features in the What's planned?  topic and does not communicate exact timelines for delivery.

Now live: account lockdown after too many failed login attempts 🔒

🎉 UPDATE: This feature is now live, see more here.


How will it work?

The account is locked if a wrong password is entered a certain number of times during a certain time period.


To make the Pipedrive login process even more secure in regards to external threats.

For whom?

This feature will be available for all plans.

➡️ Learn more about our Security Features from the Knowledge Base and the Pipedrive Academy.

➡️ Pro tip: join our Research and Beta Testing channel for the chance to try out early versions of new and improved features.... (More)