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What's Planned? [read-only]
What's Planned? [read-only]


🚫 This is a read-only topic, please don't post questions here.🚫 To post feedback or feature requests use Feedback & Suggestions.

  • "What's Planned?" is used by Pipedrive to communicate some of the features our teams are currently working on.
  • Please note: Pipedrive reserves the right to modify the features in "What's Planned?" and does not communicate exact timelines.
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Planned: Invoicing to gain new abilities 🧾 🚀


To give you access to insights about an organisation's purchase history and payment status, and to make it easier to track and chase outstanding invoices.

For whom?

Invoicing: all plans.

Products: Advanced, Professional and Enterprise.

How will it work?

  • Create invoices using Pipedrive Products directly
  • See all invoices from Xero/QuickBooks in Pipedrive
  • Check consolidated financial information on customer level

Learn all about the Invoicing feature in Pipedrive in your preferred language.

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Planned: sharing Insights internally

For whom?

All plans.

How will it work?

  • All roles (admin+regular user) will be able to share their dashboards with other users.
  • Users will be able to share a dashboard with:
    • All other users
    • One or multiple users
    • One or multiple teams
  • Users will only be able to access the data that is allowed for their role and permissions.
  • When sharing a dashboard, all reports within it will be accessible to the shared audience.
  • If the dashboard owner deletes the dashboard or revokes access to it, then shared content is not visible to the shared audience anymore.
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Planned: visibility groups for Leads in all plans 👁️

In our continuous effort to keep Pipedrive as instinctive as possible, we are working on one of the most requested features: giving Leads visibility settings, just like Deals have.

Currently Leads are visible to all users in your company account, regardless of their role or visibility group, which we are aware is not ideal. The upcoming feature will give you more control over who can see which Leads and therefore, act on them and edit them.

🧠 Learn all about Visibility Groups with this Pipedrive Academy video.

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Now live: Email Sender Name Editing in Sales Inbox 📮

⚠️ Update: this is already live, learn all about it here. ⚠️


Currently when sending emails from Pipedrive, users cannot edit the name that appears in the "From” field. We hear you and know this has been causing you frustration, so we're working to change it!

Instead of sending an email as: "From:"
You can choose to be: ”From: Anne Smith" or "From: Anne, CEO of Company”

When live, this will allow you to have a more customized email experience, be more recognizable by your customers and prospects, making your life better. Stay tuned!

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