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Campaigns by Pipedrive
Campaigns by Pipedrive
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Boost your sales with custom newsletters sent directly from your Pipedrive account. Campaigns by Pipedrive is a powerful marketing tool that lets you manage your email communication, data, and engagement with your customers all in one place. 

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Campaign - Mobile rendering

Loving the new campaign feature - But hoping this feature will improved for mobile render.

Currently split rows do not render side by side in mobile view unlike other competitors. Hoping I'm missing some sort of setting but I have not been able to make it work.  See example for what I'm looking to be able to create on a mobile device.

If this feature were to be added I would drop my other paid newsletter creators for our company in a heartbeat and increase our Pipedrive budget for marketing.

Any plans for make mobile render work better? Statistics show most people check email on their phones...

Marco GovoniSolution provider partner
ICT Senior Consultant | CyberSecurity for People & Companies

Unsubscribe template

Is it possible to Change template when user click unsubscribe button?

For example, to personalize topic or localize languages.



How to discount scam filters from the open/click through stats

Hi there,  I have recently sent out a campaign and was excited to see so many opens and click throughs - however I think that the figures are inaccurate as this may be recipient spam filters checking the links - is there anyway to discount these from the reports?

#Spamfilters #Campaignreporting 

BISON Support
Sales & Product Manager

Font choices in Pipedrive Campaigns

We are heavy Pipedrive users, so we were beyond happy when we saw that Pipedrive Campaigns was launching so we could migrate over from Mailigen. 

I spent a few hours yesterday creating a template for our company: setting up header, footer, contents, imagery, logos, etc etc. I then copied in some pre-planned text from a google doc, BUT when I went to select a font that matched our brand guidelines, I was saddened to see that there are only 22 font options available to select from.

I searched far and wide and found this Pipedrive blog about using Google Web Fonts, but alas I'm of the understanding that Pipedrive Campaigns doesn't have the ability just to edit the live HTML within the platform.

Should I build the email outside of Pipedrive and then import via HTML import? What tools would you recommend for quick and easy building of HTML emails that I could then bring back into Pipedrive? I would have loved to be able to use my existing template that I spent a few hours building in the drag-n-drop editor already, but struggling to export (or extract the HTML from a sample email) etc.

Any guidance on how to get my font more on-brand would be appreciated! Thank you!