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@mentions beta-testing
@mentions beta-testing
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Our goal is to improve team collaboration for Pipedrive users. @mentions is the first step towards that. Join this channel to get updates on what's cooking in beta! 

@Mention trigger to Slack with deal link.

Hello Pipedrivers,

Would it be great when you mention a person in a deal in a note to send a slack message to the person you mention? 

Slack Trigger: 

  1. Mention 
  2. Person
  3. Slack channel (provide the link of the deal)

@mentions in Notes (beta-testing)

UPDATE: This feature is now enabled for all customers of Pipedrive. So we're closing the beta-test. Do leave feedback in the comments! :)

We invite you to test out a beta feature on Pipedrive: @mentions in Notes.

You can @mention your team mates (users in the same Pipedrive account) in Notes (deal, person, organization notes) and they will receive an email notification about that @mention.

To have this feature enabled, please fill this form with your registered email address on Pipedrive and the name of the Pipedrive account - (Form removed)

This is one of the first steps we’re... (More)