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Pipedrive Australia
Pipedrive Australia
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In this channel Pipedrive users and Sales people from all over Australia gather in a local community. Our Australian champions @Dan Murphy and @Felicity Nolen  are here to help you out with anything community related.

Could not save draft.

Hi! While typing emails a 'could not save draft' notification keeps popping up every few seconds, does anyone know how to turn the notification off? Many thanks!

Paul Nicholas
Paul Nicholas, Sales & Marketing Manager

Email Templates - System Fields (Deal)

Email Templates - Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has figured out how to add a Deal System Data Field "Status"  into an email template.  We have not been able to find this field (we have found others).  We are on the Advanced Plan, perhaps that has something to do with it? 

Can we add GTM code to iFRAME Url for our pipedrive forms so we can use Google tracking?

Hi there - we want to implement tracking through an iFrame  using Google Tag Manager.  How do we add a GTM code to the iFrame URL?





Calendar Sync Issues

Hi All

is anyone having Calendar Sync issues?

emails and contacts are connected and working great.

any suggestions & thoughts welcomed