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In this channel Pipedrive users and Sales people from all over Australia gather in a local community. Our Australian champions @Dan Murphy and @Felicity Nolen  are here to help you out with anything community related.

Michelle liked 3 days ago

What makes selling in Australia unique? Use this channel to connect :)

Hi all,

We're slowly but surely growing our country-specific channels. Please use this channel to connect with local people who work in sales and use Pipedrive.

Discuss questions, tips & tricks and above all enjoy the community! 🇦🇺

Terry liked 5 months ago

Oceania focused "Sales and Marketing amid the COVID-19 pandemic" virtual webinar

Register here and join the discussion

Pipedrive continues its webinar series, Sales & Marketing Expert Voices, with a live discussion from Oceania on macroeconomic issues affecting sales and marketing in light of the coronavirus.


  • Moderator: Adam Jaffrey: digital strategy expert and host of iTunes top 10 podcasts Customer Experience Leaders

Special guests:
@Paul Minors : a “virtual consultant” who has helped over 400 businesses drive results optimizing productivity and sales and marketing tools
@Dan Murphy : the founder of our Pipedrive community, entrepreneur and founder of RouterJet and Sales geek

Join us on Tuesday, April 21 at 1:00pm... (More)

Alan replied 3 months ago
Stephen Bakewell
Business Development Manager

Creating deals from contacts

Hi everyone, as I am new to Pipedrive and am still getting used to the features within it, I have a question.

Currently, my company create deals directly from the deal section and non of the previous communication threads for that contact that are in the contact section are visible in the new deal.

When I create a contact and communicate with that person, all the emails and such like are recorded in the contact section. If I was to create a deal from the contact section, would all the communication threads be transferred to the deal section of that... (More)

Mike liked 3 months ago
Stephen Bakewell
Business Development Manager

Thank you

I am new to the sales environment and have never used Pipedrive before.

My professional background is in e-commerce, information management, records and document management and training & development.

My current employer is a global software development company and I'm their Business Development Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

My company uses Pipedrive but I think it can be used in a much better way than it currently is. I have already shown them how they can be informed via email of changes made to deals, something they didn't realise they could do.

I look forward to learning how other... (More)