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In this channel Pipedrive users and Sales people from all over Australia gather in a local community. Our Australian champions @Dan Murphy and @Felicity Nolen  are here to help you out with anything community related.

Calendar Sync Issues

Hi All

is anyone having Calendar Sync issues?

emails and contacts are connected and working great.

any suggestions & thoughts welcomed 

Merge fields in activities

Hi, Can you make it so that the calendar reminders contain the name or company name so that my calendar is not full of 10 entries that all say Call?


Group Marketing Manager

Can we use Google studio for reporting with Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is reporting on live status in my dashboard. 

Example as the deal was in pipeline " Invoice Issued - weekly" and if the status is changing the numbers changing as well. How I can keep the historical data captured somewhere to see how many invoices we issues that particular week.

🏆 🇦🇺 Success Story: How a grassroots charity is creating a social impact around Australia

"Sober in the Country (SITC) is a grassroots charity making it ‘OK2SAYNO’ to beers in the bush and catching our mates before they fall through the cracks of overcoming addiction in isolation,” explains CEO Shanna Whan.

Operations Manager and Director @Felicity Nolen introduced Shanna to Pipedrive having used it herself at a previous company. Now the SITC team uses Pipedrive for everything from managing booking enquiries to processing memberships to their Rural Peer Support community, the Bush Tribe.

➡️ Apply here to tell us your success story. You don't need to be a Pipedrive user, we... (More)