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Pipedrive Canada
Pipedrive Canada
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Pipedrive is a great tool for small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada. This versatile CRM is available in both French and English (and other languages), includes a wide range of features and automations as well as many integrations to 3rd party products. Pipedrive offers great value-for-money.

This group is targeted at Canadian champions of the Pipedrive platform. There is a vibrant community of Pipedrive experts available to assist users with configurations, integrations and specializations as required. 

Got questions? Nous avons les réponses justes!

For issues related to the management of the Canadian user group, you are invited to contact @Joseph Valenti  in this forum. Joe is a certified Pipedrive Expert. He will be happy to direct you to the right resources and let you get on with the real work of taking care of YOUR customers.

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Building scalable sales team. Switching to Pipedrive.
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