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Pipedrive United Kingdom
Pipedrive United Kingdom
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Welcome to the Pipedrive United Kingdom group! Connect with fellow sales professionals from the United Kingdom and get help with your sales and Pipedrive questions.

Share your challenges, concerns, opportunities, feature requests, customer behavior - you name it.

Please introduce yourself when you join: who you are, what you do, what brings you here. 

Community Driver: @Paul 

Inês liked a reply 2 months ago

What makes selling in the United Kingdom unique? Use this channel to connect :)

Hi all,

We're slowly but surely growing our country-specific channels. Please use this channel to connect with local people who work in sales and use Pipedrive.

Discuss questions, tips & tricks and above all enjoy the community! 🇬🇧

Mike liked a reply 5 days ago

Smart Data Search, API

Is there a option for "Smart Data Search" in the pd API for developers :) ? 

Mike followed 4 days ago

Direction of Energy

Good afternoon all,

I have been told and feel myself that I have the energy and passion to sell, I have proven that I can sell, I can persuade and I can think on my feet... However, I have only about 12 months of sales experience, all of it has been on the fly and not 100% committed as I have been doing other roles at the same time...

This week I moved positions in my current company into a BDE role, 100% focused on sales and development... I have found some of my own flaws already (probably more to... (More)

Marc replied 3 months ago

Deal dashboard

Is there a way to change which deal fields are displayed on the snapshot displayed on the deal dashboard.

For example, each deal in my dashboard currently displays 3 fields (Deal name, Org Name and Deal Value) all of which are great, but I need to also display a custom field here - is there any way I can do this??