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Pipedrive New Zealand
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Welcome to the Pipedrive New Zealand group. Connect with fellow sales professionals from Aotearoa and get help with your sales and Pipedrive questions. Reach out to your local community driver @Paul Minors  is you have any questions.

Bashirul liked 10 days ago

Hi, I am looking at CRM systems for my company.

We have 4 branches around new Zealand.  How do I divide the leads into Branches.

Kurt liked a reply a month ago

Deal Numbers

Hi - How do you shorten the automated deal numbers on Pipedrive as we need to integrate it to another system we use? Appreciate the help!  Thank you.

Support replied 24 days ago

Integrating with Pipedrive

Hey team, I'll start out by saying that I am no expert in what I am doing here, but that I wanted to simply share this for your interest only.

About a year ago, I was building a new production management system for our manufacturing company - my goal at the time was simply to allow our production team to do away with the hand written pieces of A4 paper stuck to the whiteboard with magnets, and covered in scribbles. At the time I selected as our platform of choice to display the data. It's not perfect, but it's... (More)

Mike updated 21 days ago

Where are you based in New Zealand?

Hey team, big Pipedrive fan here - great product and team behind it. Thought I'd make a post just to build this New Zealand sub-channel and see where everyone is based?

I work for a local manufacturing and HaaS company based in Dunedin! We're a small team of 16 mostly based here in NZ, but also an office in Europe and USA.