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Pipedrive New Zealand
Pipedrive New Zealand
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Welcome to the Pipedrive New Zealand group. Connect with fellow sales professionals from Aotearoa and get help with your sales and Pipedrive questions. 


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Make sure to keep the channel engaged with content, promote discussion among members, and bring in new members. 

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Steve Cox
Business Development Manager

integrated 2-way SMS for pipedrive NZ

Hi Everyone, I have progressed the idea of having a bespoke SMS (2-way) integrated solution developed for NZ - if I can get a "hands up" on who would commit to sharing the development cost, I'll ask the provider for an estimated  cost, and we can decide from there.. :) 

What makes selling in New Zealand unique?

Hi all,

We're slowly but surely growing our country-specific channels. Please use this channel to connect with local people who work in sales and use Pipedrive.

Discuss questions, tips & tricks and above all enjoy the community! 🇳🇿

Deal Numbers

Hi - How do you shorten the automated deal numbers on Pipedrive as we need to integrate it to another system we use? Appreciate the help!  Thank you.