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Pipedrive ประเทศไทย / Thailand
Pipedrive ประเทศไทย / Thailand
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เชิญคนไทย ถามภาษาไทย ได้ทางนี้


Welcome to the Pipedrive Thailand group! Connect with fellow sales professionals from Thailand and get help with your sales and Pipedrive questions.

Share your challenges, concerns, opportunities, feature requests, customer behavior - you name it.

Please introduce yourself when you join: who you are, what you do, what brings you here. 

Channel Leader: Nutthakorn Chalaemwongwan


What makes selling in Thailand unique? Use this channel to connect and speak Thai if you prefer :)

Hi all,

We're slowly but surely growing our country-specific channels. Please use this channel to connect with local people who work in sales and use Pipedrive.

Discuss questions, tips & tricks and above all feel free to speak Thai! 🇹🇭

Enjoy the community!

LINE App Integration

Dear Community and Pipedrivers,

Today one on my biggest challenge is to integrate Datas from LINE App to Pipedrive.

Does anyone already done this before ? If yes, I am wide open !

If no, Do you think Pipedrive will do it ? 

If you have any tips on it, let me know ! 


Thank you all.



Welcome to the Pipedrive community!

Hi @Nutthakorn Chalaemwongwan ,

Awesome to see that you've created a channel for Pipedrive users and Sales people from Thailand. Please do invite your colleagues and other fellow Pipedrive users in here so we can start helping each other out. Let me know if I can do something to help as well!