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Welcome to the Pipedrive USA group! Connect with fellow sales professionals from the United States of America and get help with your sales and Pipedrive questions.

Share your challenges, concerns, opportunities, feature requests, customer behavior - you name it.

Please introduce yourself when you join: who you are, what you do, what brings you here. 

Our local champions @Jonathan Gennick  & @Justin Stephens  are here for any community related questions.

IF YOU ARE handling a Sales Team - HOW DO YOU: limit your sales reps to NOT change product pricing when adding Product to Deal?

This has been burning my sales process, I handle a team of 12 sales reps. There are always sneaky ones that lower pricing in order to close deals... 

Curious on how you SALES MANAGERS are dealing with this situation?

Josh Novak
CMO of Visible Lawyer

Changing Timezone for Client Call Calendar Invites

So like most we do a lot of zoom calls with potential clients. We deal in multiple timezones and was wondering why there is not option to send invite with their timezone set instead of my timezone set. 

For example if we are in Central and the client is in Eastern. I don't want their invite to say "2pm Central" I want the invite to say "3pm Eastern"

Any idea?


Hello Everyone. I am new to this platform.

Hello. My name is Renae' Mussachio. I am a Conscious Creator Coach and what bring me here is my computer guru as I like to call him. : ) He recommended this platform in lieu of Active Campaign and I am trying it out to see if I will love it as much as he says I will.

Here are my:
Challenges: Difficulty knowing how to best use this type platform for my business and definitely don't know the lingo.
Concerns: Can I tag or label, or what is it called when I need to have people labeled differently based... (More)

What are some good automations revolving around text Messaging? Thinking something along the lines of having text messaging templates worked into an automated process based on stage.