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Welcome to the Pipedrive USA group! Connect with fellow sales professionals from the United States of America and get help with your sales and Pipedrive questions.

Share your challenges, concerns, opportunities, feature requests, customer behavior - you name it.

Please introduce yourself when you join: who you are, what you do, what brings you here. 

Our local champions @Jonathan Gennick  & @Justin Stephens  are here for any community related questions.

Custom Fields / Details

Greetings All!

New Pipedrive user here. I am struggling with the fact that custom fields is a global setting that is reflected in all pipelines. Does anyone else have different business units/lines of business where you would want to track different deal information for different pipelines? Anyone have a work around for this? 

Workflow automating a deal-specific email...

I have a template email I need to send each time a deal is moved to a specific stage. The email needs to provide the names, phone numbers and email addresses for the other participants in the deal. Is there some way to have each deal participant's name, phone number and email address automatically pulled from the existing contact details and added to the email?

I suppose another option (if possible) would be to create custom-fields under the details of my deals. Is there a way I could fill in the name of an existing contact and have custom phone... (More)

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@Mitch Workman , Digital Marketing Director at Big Dog Solar thinks Pipedrive is “awesome!”

Thanks to Pipedrive, the American solar panel installation company now knows which leads are driving the most revenue. Pipedrive’s activity-based sales features have even helped one of the Big Dog Solar team almost triple his sales revenue in a year

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IF YOU ARE handling a Sales Team - HOW DO YOU: limit your sales reps to NOT change product pricing when adding Product to Deal?

This has been burning my sales process, I handle a team of 12 sales reps. There are always sneaky ones that lower pricing in order to close deals... 

Curious on how you SALES MANAGERS are dealing with this situation?