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Welcome to the Pipedrive USA group! Connect with fellow sales professionals from the United States of America and get help with your sales and Pipedrive questions.

Share your challenges, concerns, opportunities, feature requests, customer behavior - you name it.

Please introduce yourself when you join: who you are, what you do, what brings you here. 

Our local champions @Jonathan Gennick  & @Justin Stephens  are here for any community related questions.

Do you visit your leads at their business?

I read in many books that previously salespeople visited their leads at their offices. After sending a couple of sequence emails, does anyone see anything wrong with visiting your lead at their office?

Workflow sending emails: Set Date

Feature Request:  In workflow automation, we can select to send an email on a condition match.  Is there a way to place a DATE field of WHEN the email(s) will be sent?  I would like to have the event trigger a series of emails but each one on different dates that the emails go out.  Adding this field seems like a simple thing.  PLEASE!!!!

How do I email a document?

It seems like this is just 100% missing but I want to post here.  I create proposals and renewal amendment using the Documents feature and templates.  However, there seems to be no easy way to email the Document or Link once created.

Am I missing something or is there a best practice for this?


An example:  I create a new Document, there is no "Email Document" option.  Also, in the Email Editor there does not seem to be an "Insert Document Link" or "Attach Document" option.  

What is the best way to email a document I create in Pipedrive?

Email Directly

Can I email a prospect directly from the Contact or Organization listing?  I tried and it would not send until I manually entered their email address in the "to" field.  I thought it was supposed to dynamically fill their information in.