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For Pipedrive users and customers working from the United States of America. Our local champions @Jonathan Gennick  & @Justin Stephens  are here for any  community related questions.

Daniel liked 9 days ago
Eileen Romito
Head of Customer Success

Trigger automation based on deals going rotten

Does anyone have any ideas on how to trigger an automation based on a deal going rotten? Example: When a deal goes rotten, create an activity to follow up with the customer. 

Shobhit liked a reply 16 days ago

automatic country code missing

Removing the automatic country code messed up the operations of a lot of PipeDrive customers. I'm dead in the water and waiting for mine to get restored.

Mike liked a reply 14 days ago


Is there a way to auto-number our deals?  PO numbering?  It is a pain to go back and check the previous deal entered to number the deal being entered--especially if the last deal entered is moved further forward in the pipline.

Justin replied 18 days ago
Sales Development Rep

How do you use Pipedrive in your outbound workflow?

Hey Pipedrive USA 🇺🇸

I work at an EdTech startup and we've been using Pipedrive mostly as a CRM tool to-date. I'm currently looking at ways to use Pipedrive's ecosystem of tools to build a more robust workflow...specifically to set up sequences with automated emails scheduled to send out ahead of time. Call touch reminders would be nice to have too.

If you're out of the build process with your sales workflow...or even right in the middle of it...I'd love to connect and share ideas. Send me a message!